Hidan no Aria Light Novel discussion (SPOILERS)

  • My knowledge is limited on what happens post anime, has anyone on here read the light novels the anime is based on? I don't mind spoilers, is there anyone who knows this series and all that happens in it? I really want to know what happens next and the wiki has scarce info and might be inaccurate.

  • I read the Kindle sample and the quality was so bad that I never bought it, especially since the price was above average as well. I don't remember the issues in detail, other than one section didn't make sense until you realised the text had somehow got scrambled up.

  • Well I'm not sure how to find volumes 3-5 but I know [REDACTED] has up to vol. 11.

    Novel translations i've found to be hit and miss and depend on the translating author. I've read High School DxD up to 19 and while its largely consistent, you can tell that several individuals can have differing opinions on what is said/meant. Though I do like that if there is something they are not sure about what is supposed to mean they leave a foot-note explaining it.

    I've also read a few volumes from Accel World, Dungeon, and No Game No Life and they all read differently. Part of this is because different people write the books, but also because they are brought over by different people. I like light novels because they are easier to read, they are way more direct and feel more imaginative.

    And I think Hidan no Aria went up to book 3 or 4.

    EDIT: Do NOT post the names of illegal mangaposting.

  • Define "names of illegal manga posting" Do you mean like: don't tell people to use


    because I personally hate "that" site and tell people they should support their interests by buying the official release instead of watching/reading it illegally.

  • @darkmatterkakine I think in this case its don't post the domain of sites that utilize a grey area within copyright. Though KA isn't in the grey but rather just steals the streams.

    Though in my case I've gotten inconsistent results on whether or not i've been modded when saying the name.

    As far as I care, if it remains unlocalized then sure, why not, find a place where you can watch/read it.

  • Anyone on here familiar with the light novel and know what all happens post anime? where the story goes, what happens with the characters, the new characters. I don't mind spoilers, I want to know.

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