How to locate all the dubs not just simul-dubs

  • TLDR:
    Can anyone tell me how to lookup all dubbed anime (not just simul-dubs) and filter out the subs?

    Longer Version:

    Not sure if I'm alone here but I'm a semi binge-watcher. I love to find an anime series that's completed its run (all episodes uploaded and available to watch) and I watch one a day. Well that's what I used to do on the old Funimation website. Now I can't find just dubs only the simul-dubs.

    So I tried just browsing by category and I see "Japanese and English" listed under the 5 word preview (which is useless) and I click on the anime and what? Its not available in English but with English subs.

  • There used to be a search function on the old site to search strictly for dubs, but sadly they seem to have taken it away with the update.

    My suggestion would be to post about this topic in the Suggestion Box area of the forums and let the admins know that you'd like to see it added back as a search option.

  • Y u no watch subs? They can be good, or only ones that exist....

    Case in point "Inari Kon Kon"...

  • @SpacemanHardy I'm sure Sophie acknowledged it as something they were planning to address back even the forums first reopened.

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