Shit streaming issues

  • Re: Streaming IssuesI am also having the stutter issue, and it is quite annoying. and again i would also agree that the old video streaming was better. why am i paying for trash? I want the months we've had to deal with this deducted of my pay. if i want shit streaming i would be watching these shows on [redacted] like i used to in the old days. I really liked this app and thought it was the shit. but now it is just shit, would appreciate if you fixed soon or at least went back to the old video player until you all fixed it permanently then uploaded it. sincerely a customer who is not wanting to pay for shit, and will be revoking my membership this coming April if it is still not working right.

  • I'm sorry you're having problems with the service. All I can tell you to do is to please submit a ticket to and tell the tech team about your issues. They're currently swamped with ticket requests at the moment, so please try to be patient and they'll help you out as soon as they can. You can also try sending them a message at @FunimationHelp on Twitter, and you might get a quicker response that way.

    One more thing, I know you're upset, but please don't list the names of illegal streaming sites here on the forums. That's against the terms of service.

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