What's with all the missing subs?

  • Anyone else notice shows that had fully working subs on the old site are not here? For example part of My hero academia and code geass?

  • Can you provide a few more details? Which episode are you watching that is missing the subtitles? What device are you watching it on?

  • Some of them might have been moved to crunchyroll per the deal they made

  • @Getchman said in What's with all the missing subs?:

    Some of them might have been moved to crunchyroll per the deal they made


    Also, in another thread, @TheAncientOne claimed ~30 titles departed. However, FUNISTAFF were supposed to keep advised as to when things left site. Unless they doing it on non-funimation.com sites, then they been ninja'ing some titles, it appears.

    A shame, especially since we not getting any dubs back. This CR/FUNI "Alliance", gotta be like worst ever at present. At least with subs, I had reason to be here. Now, I can be Traitor....

  • This issue isn't related to the partnership, as neither series the topic creator mentioned, My Hero Academia and Code Geass, have shown up on Crunchyroll yet. This might simply be yet another website error.

    @zenphobic if you could please submit a ticket in to www.funimation.com/contact-us and let them know about this issue, then they'll get to it as soon as they can. Please note that they are currently swamped with various other tickets right now, so please try to remain patient. You can also send them a message at @FunimationHelp on Twitter, and you might get a faster response that way.

    UPDATE: Here's the response I got from Funimation Help:

    "Only Episodes 1-4 and 26-29 are available sub for Code Geass. These look to be there. Make sure you have the subs turned on!"

    "MHA it looks like there are some odd caching issues. But Episodes 1, 4, 9, 10, and 11 sub all appear to be missing. Reported!"

    So in MHA's case, it's most definitely an error. For Code Geass, they only have select episodes available subtitled, and you need to make sure you turn the captions on.

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