Did WWE "The Shield" get there idea from Code Geass??? Theory!

  • Did WWE "The Shield" get there idea from Code Geass??? Theory!

    This is theory that I have been saying since "The Shield" 1st made there debut in WWE back in 2013 of Survivor Series... I even tweet then about this of course that did not replay back to me... However new prove had come to light since that debut that I would like to being up.

    So 1st let me tell you guys what the "The Shield" was it was a 3 Man Team Group in WWE of Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, and Seth Rollins.

    Here a full bio https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Shield_(professional_wrestling)

    So I believe even more now that got this gimmick from the "Black Knights" from Code Geass

    0_1487572321137_black knight 2.jpg

    Black Knight Gear

    0_1487572460560_the shield.jpg

    What The Shield Gear

    Ok when the shield did there 1st promo after there debut attack on PPV that had stated there where "The Shield of injustice" I no math teacher here both there VERY close to what Zero said when the Black Knight made there Debut "The Knight of injustice"

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wvcz8lH_SyM "Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins exclusive interview: Raw, Nov. 26, 2012"

    If you watch this 1st interview view are much like Zero view...

    Ok now for the new thing that have come to light:

    CM Punk was suppose to be the LEADER of the Shield!

    0_1487573331196_tumblr_mctrs6KW5S1rvf8x7o1_1280 cm punk.jpg

    This is a photo of CM Punk clearly wearing the same Shield gear in this photo... This was taken when CM Punk was doing ad for "WWE 13" the video game since he was on the cover that year. Now there is not the BIGGEST prove of this...

    If your a wrestling fan you know in January of 2014 CM Punk quit the WWE and did not speak to anyone until a good 6 mouth later when he when on a podcast. The podcast is a good 2 hours long which you can go look up if you like too. But I not going to talk about everything he said only thing he said that support me theory.

    In the podcast CM Punk claim he was suppose to be the leader of the group. Which basic on everything shown it make sense. CM Punk started his Long WWE Title Run as a Badyface (good guy) but then half though it turn Heel (bad guy). The way the storyline was going it made since for him to be the leader CM Punk at this point since like Lelouch now and the way story was uniforming it seen like that.


    You can get more info here about CM Punk claim.

    That quickly drop CM Punk even though there debut was basic on helping CM Punk but then quickly when on there own with in the new 2 months. And then The Shield end up being a non leader team group b/c of this. That also later change there catchphase to the "Hounds of Justice" which is much better then what that at 1st had there catchphase as...

    Of this is my take on this. I do believe that copy Code Geass early on but that change up for the better. And aeven being one of the best team group out there in the WWE...

    WWE had Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, and Seth Rollins split up the group in 2014 when Seth Rollins turn on both of them. And all 3 when on to win the WWE Champion since that split up since then. Not a bad trade off for all 3 member to have success...

    Basic on the fact I do facts I do feel that copy thing from Code Geass but then when in there on direction with it.

    So what you guys thing did the Shield copy Code Geass or is my Anime view look to much into WWE world... Let me know what you thing...

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