Is the AppleTv bug being worked on?

  • It has been almost three weeks since I contacted supported. I fully understand they could and probably do have their hands full but to not even reply to say they are working on it or they got my message is very discouraging. I am at the point now where everyday I have to log into my appletv to see if it has been fixed only to be disappointed each and every single day. The AppleTv app crashes every time you try to log in with you email and password. It has been that way since the update/launch and I feel a general statement about what is being done to fix numerous problems is needed so we can at least feel like you guys care about us

  • @timrobasa there was no app in the UK until the relaunch, and it is working ON for me (not perfectly, but it works). Is there anywhere else your login doesn't work?

  • The Apple TV app hasn't worked since they launched it back in November. First it was authentication failed, then (after new site launched) it was crashing, and now it's back to authentication failed lol. Yeah,the app busted -__- who knows when it will get fixed.

  • @Shirobane that's the funny thing. the iPhone and iPad apps work moderately well with no problems, heck even the PS4 app. While I enjoy using those, I love the ease of the AppleTV and being able to switch to something else when I dont want to watch anime. The only real reason i even bought an appletv was to use it for the funimation app and it was working until launch then it all went to hell from there. Type in your user name and password and it immediately crashes sending you back to the home page. @MegaTek184 For a while there i thought i was the only one going through it, No one has posted about it and Lord knows support doesn't know the meaning of support. I only complained about it about 2 weeks ago and no one has gotten back to me and no message has been released to let us know they are fixing it

  • @timrobasa does airplay work for you? I know it's not a proper solution, but up until the Apple TV app launched in the UK recently it was the only way for me to watch on my TV other than hooking up a PC (since we still don't have a PS3/4 app and I don't have a Fire device).

  • @Shirobane yeah it works but as you stated its not proper and there is/are always minor issues but it gets the job done. As for PS apps I'm sure it is being worked on but we won't hear anything about it as usual. I would not recommend buying another device just to stream anime on funimation. I did the same thing with the appletv and not only did it take years for us to get one, it still doesn't work and they haven't or aren't doing anything about it

  • @timrobasa since it's after entering your username and password and you can't change your username, have you tried changing your password?

  • @Shirobane lol i have an awesome story concerning that. So i tried that and got that whole click this link to reset your password garbage. So i clicked and went thru all the motions and requirements and after the password was "Successfully Reset" I tried it and it refused to work on all devices. This is the real kicker!!! When i typed in my old password everything worked and i mean EVERYTHING. Apparently the whole link is BS as the system didn't recognize i had changed my password in the first place. Not only did the password reset not work, the same problems as before are still there. AppleTv still crashes the minute i type into the box and now wait for ipad, iphone and PS4 are not working too. If i tell you i am not enraged I would be lying. I have the year sub with access to both subs and dubs. I'm thinking compensation is needed either in the form of refunding my $50 or giving me a year free because of all the BS they put out. I don't see why we should pay such an amount for stuff that doesn't work. $50 would take me a whole lot further on crunchyroll and i must say i have been looking into them a lot lately and they are looking REALLY good

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