English Release?

  • Hey I saw that the show has the dubbed version of the show is out but I checked the website and the iPhone app. Both of them said it has the English and Japanese version on there but only plays the Japanese's version only. Will the Dubbed version coming out later or is there another problem with the website again?

  • @pliskin_1995

    I can only think, make sure you are logged in... otherwise quit the app, restart, reload, and see if that corrects it. Otherwise you'll need to send a email to customer support.

  • @thomask I'm having the problem with the website and the app to about it. It does mention it has the English Version so I don't know if it's has a plan to be schedule and release one individually onto the website or not.

  • dubbed eps haven't been added yet. should get the first 2 on march 14, the rest on the release date 6 weeks later on April 18th

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