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  • Dear Funimation,

    I have been a long time subscriber and avid dubbed anime fan. The new website is great and SimulDubs is an amazing and innovative idea. However, my greatest disappointment is that I am a big One Piece fan and the english dub episodes are way behind pace. They are on 775+ on producing the episodes but the dub has only released up to episode 516?!! That is over 250 episodes behind! This is currently my greatest source of frustration and I just want information as to why this is the case and the plan for the future for One Piece english dubbed to catch up. There is no published information in regards to release schedules or otherwise.



  • We don't have an exact answer at this time. It might very well be due to license issues with Toei. They are kinda kooky, after all.

  • Picking up a show after a couple hundered eps have aired tends to make you fall behind

  • @gwanstreet23 Be happy you don't have 4Kids as the dubber anymore and leave it at that... A show with over 700 Ep. is hard to dub all at ones! Funi had a bad voice cast for most of the role of One Piece but aless that don't edit shit like 4Kids did though 4Kids had the better voice cast for the most part...

  • In 2017 we are really far behind. The last episodes that we got was on December 13th 2016 (episodes 505 - 516) and it doesn't look like we are going to get 517+ till June at the earliest. That's HALF of a year!!

    so I sharing your frustration.

    last year (2016) we got 7 sets of releases (434-516) pretty well spaced out every two or so months.

    I'm not sure if this is because of the gold movie and special or licensing issues but sadly we'll just have to tough it out.

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