The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya - Endless Eight

  • First off, I was going to put in this the Funimation Anime & Live Action section, but there was no topic for it.

    I actually enjoyed the series apart from this story arc. One or two episodes would've sufficed, but eight was torture. I can't even fathom what it would've been like for poor Yuki; I'm amazed she didn't break. I was at the point of developing a severe hate for Kyon (As a narrator, as a character, all of it.). I don't know if they ran out of money, or if the writers just suck, but it was terrible. Which is sad, because like I said, the series was actually pretty damn good apart from that stretch.

  • The only characters I liked were Yuki and Koizumi. Idk why (anyone really) didn't ask Yuki what they did differently in all the prior iterations of the endless eight arc.

    Haruhi was a totally unlikeable character, too domineering and never even took into consideration anyone else's opinion and even drugged one of her "friends". I watched the whole thing and the earlier episodes were far better than the later ones, except for that one part where they were playing against the computer club (that was really enjoyable).

  • @darthrutsula40 Yeah, I agree that Haruhi had some severe character flaws. When she drugged Mikuru I actually thought she might be a psychopath. lol I think overall, she comes off a bit like an only child; spoiled, and bratty. She definitely crosses the line on a regular basis. I think it came off worse too because Mikuru is such a punching bag in general. I also think that if Kyon would say half of what he was thinking, she might learn a thing or two, and become a better person for it. I would like to see her grow in that respect.

    The computer club challenge episode was my favorite as well. Yuki was also one of my favorite characters. I really wanted to see someone console her during, or after the endless eight arc. She had it far worse than anyone else. I remember thinking that they were jerks for not giving her a hug, or something. Artificial humans need hugs too, you bastards!. :P

    I would still like to see more. I found the part where Haruhi throws grass in Kyon's face, and it all blows right back into hers, to be very interesting.
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  • @darthrutsula40 said in The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya - Endless Eight:

    Haruhi was a totally unlikeable character,

    Nep nep, u got problems. Haruhi is like, the best ever. But I forget, u like ur girls domicile, eh right???....

    In other news, the Endless 8 sucks because of the ending. The solution is studying? NHK Conspiracy, right there.....


  • I remember watching 3 episodes of it and getting bored, then skipped to episode 8 and haven't watched it since.

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