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  • Hello! I'm currently experiencing some major issues with streaming video on Funimation. Videos won't load more than 3-5 seconds in advance, so I'm experiencing major stutters as it ends up buffering 12+ times a minute. I stream on Netflix, YouTube, Crunchyroll, [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] without any issues, so my internet is not the best but it shouldn't be an issue as Funimation is the only site I have loading issues with. I've tried a few things, like viewing in a private window to disable plugins and add ons. I've also tried reducing the quality to as low s 340p without any improvement. Any help or advice is welcome, thank you!

    EDIT: Do NOT post the names of illegal streaming sites on the forums. -SH

  • Be sure to submit a ticket to and let the tech team know about your issue. They'll get to work on it as soon as they are able.

  • @SpacemanHardy Im also having this problem. Its a shame really. The old player was gold!!!

  • yeah I'm having this issue on the ps4 app while streaming videos,the video ends up freezing and skipping ahead a bit and its been doing it for a couple days or so now,,ive never had this issue until the recent update, and its not my internet I watch like 3-4 other streaming apps on my ps4 and they don't give me issues,i hope they fix these issues soon,getting kind of annoying when your in the middle of watching stuff.

  • the movie "Athena: Goddess of War" in english is only 31min and 31 sec where is the other 1 hr go??
    it was starting to get good....funimation failed again... :(

  • Welcome to a month old problem. Both the app and site are consistently having issues since they "updated" it. Hopefully their tech department gets back from their apparent vacation soon, and save the "please submit a ticket" BS. I placed 3 tickets a month and a half ago and have yet to get any response.

  • @Terrigenesis

    It's not that, they just don't have fix. So they have nothing to say. In case u hadn't noticed, lots of likewise complaining on these threads, it is so...

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