Masamune's Revenge: How FUNIDUB Became FUNI****

  • Because u people are too /lazy to read my edited /walloftext regarding Winter 2017, I decided to focus this topic on my favorite anime of Winter, and how the dub completly **** up the story. Not just bad, horrendous.

    If people don't feel the emotional pull of the VA, they won't get story. If people are fed completly false narrative, the story completly changes. Masamune's Revenge: VA are absolutely vital in that, for instance.

    Aki Adagaki, in the FUNIDUB, sounds like a "Valley Girl". Furthermore, she sounds like a bitch. Like ALL the time. Instead of being cold, hard, and defensive; a side that is only slowly discovered by the characters.

    Because, like totes whatevs. That's so cool. I, just like, so totally don't get it you know? Is like, that's ridiculous they said. I'm like, so over it, right?....

    Anyways, hopefully u get it. Indeed, as the most key part of this series; if you "want to understand this show" as I argue, was this sequence near end in sub version (Episode 1). It shows her, in the sub, in quiet contemplation of her "pre-existing health condition". I suggest u check out the original to hear how lines are delivered:


    In the FUNIDUB, the lines are further edited as,

    "Arrgh, what a pain. She better not have gotten too far. I don't have time for this nonsense."

    Yea, like that "nonsense" that FUNI ADR made me out to be a complete bitch.

    THAT DOES NOT EXIST IN SUB! Nor does it make this better. It gives off completly ditsy persona of the character, one that is /bitchmode . Bitching to herself in private, mind u. This is like, the most sober/somber/sad part this whole anime, it sets up the case that she isn't evil at all, but with mixed and uncertain emotions.

    But the dub makes her off as total bitch. And it happens throughout this dub. Completely "Fake News". And, as u will see later, /nuke the **** out of the story. Like Hiroshima. Because, that's totes awesome, TANK U FUNI!!!

    Aki is a character who pushes away others to protect herself, as she had some (yet undefined in anime) tragedy that basically PTSD her. She is not a bitch. Nor is she clueless sounding, like this VA work. She does not go around thinking bitch things to herself in private. She is, indeed in fear of social relations. Yet with this dub, you will have seen none of that.

    Because the most literary and key character development scenes of this show has been /nerfed . You do nor see the contrasting sides of her public/private behaviour. Instead, the dub has her full-throttle bitch mode whole time.


    Need more evidence? Spoilers in this thread...

    ....and that is why SimulDubs are destroying anime. Because theyz noobs, it is so....


  • I have noticed the difference in the inflection of the voices between the SUB and DUB VAs. It creates a different feel for each character, which affects the show overall. In the SUB, Aki Adagaki, would often change from stern to soft, angry while being vulnerable, a narcissist with a hint of caring, but it's not as noticeable in the SimulDub, she seems mean all the time. That definitely changes the essence of the show.

    I'm not going to touch on the differences scripts.

    Bottom line. I agree.

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