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  • @emdier "Did I say anything about Cosplay? No. But I am willing to bet that they were selling Death Notes in booths. And people were likely buying them. I never really cosplay for anything, with the exception of Walking Dead, but doesn't mean I don't watch anime (A LOT of anime).

    I have always found AnimeNewsNetwork to be reliable (And this was done by community votes, why would they lie about that?) and I notice you completely disregarded the MyAnimeList statistics I posted earlier.

    Netflix is making a film. Viz Media has done multiple reprints of the show with different editions because it SELLS. It is the highest rated anime on Netflix, over shows like Naruto and Attack on Titan. You can claim all you like that Death Note isn't popular but buddy, I am calling BS on that.

    There isn't a way for us to truly measure ratings that I have seen, but I have met tons of people who don't watch anime who know what Death Note is. I don't know why you would argue that the show is just as much as landmark as the likes of Attack on Titan.

    I have no idea what FYE is, but every major anime retailer near me has Death Note, even Walmart carries it and Walmart only carries shows that are popular."

    Answer 1 NO! In the 5 cons I when to there was not 1 booth for Death Note at ALL! AnimeNewsNetwork reliable basic on what? MyAnimeList is an opinion list dude... Netflix make alot of film big deal? There a Naruto movie being made by a Hollywood company not some stream thing. Also Attack on Titan had a movie already and Naruto getting one soon by Liongate so what you logic right now???? "There isn't a way for us to truly measure rating" Yes there is non anime fans why an anime plus the anime fans watch it to that make it BIG!

    FYE is is a store that sell anime you can also buy things online though then too http://www.fye.com/?gclid=CjwKEAiAz4XFBRCW87vj6-28uFMSJAAHeGZbJVTK2X8Hr6H4Oju-FklOQ0A3pSd8sX_XE_niPlboaBoCSczw_wcB

    And I go to walmart all the time I HAVE NEVER said one thing there that had death note on it at walmart! So yeah your wrong...

    Ok there 95% SpacemanHardy will lock this but aless wait for Emdier to reply thank you...

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    but aless wait for Emdier to reply thank you...


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