Recent Marathon... Missing English episode?

  • I recently marathoned this series, did well until the last episode (Ep 24, second season) and suddenly I only had the option of japanese with english sub titles...

    Did they not dub this chapter, or is it yet to be released?

  • @thomask No, it's definitely been released. It sounds like a technical issue.

    Send in a ticket to and let the tech team know about it. I'll try to contact them over @FunimationHelp on Twitter and see if we can get it straightened out.

    EDIT: I just tried playing episode 24 here on the site and it played in English with no problem. It sounds like it might be an isolated issue on your part.

    What app are you using to watch it?

  • @SpacemanHardy

    I was using the funimation app on ipad.

    Twice, this is even after a restart.

    I went to google chrome(PC), logged in yet again, when to the episode, it automatically started playing in japanese. Tried to force it to play in english, and it told me 'not available in your country (Canada).

    I'm gonna try it in a bit, as going through a couple links in the app and coming back to it, it now seems available. It wasn't listing ep 24, just up to ep 23 (but it still played) but it seems to be there now...

    Will post here later.

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