Season 1 and 2 High school DXD

  • I know that Funimation has put up a new site up which is awesome but what happen to the first 2 season of the show. Did they loose the licensing for those season or couldn't able to post them on the after the new site was up. I don't know if it's the same problem as Fairy Tail Zero. Can someone help me to figure out this problem.

  • Wait... (checks the page) AGAIN!?

    I know this happened back when they released their new apps because I was the one to point out that DxD was missing.

    @Sophie Can you get on this (again).

  • That is indeed strange. I have verified that both seasons are still listed on the iPhone and Roku apps, and I can even access the episodes using the web browser on my phone. It appears to simply be isolated to the website itself.

    Definitely send in a ticket to (I know it seems like Funi isn't answering many tickets right now, but trust me, it is essential to the process). I'll also point this out to the @FunimationHelp account on Twitter.

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