Winter 2017 "SimulDubs": Horribly Uninspired

  • Perhaps I have been "contaminated" in my opinion, but the Winter 2017 dub quality range from bad-horrendous. Effectively none worth watching over the Japanese sub.

    In many cases, the VA sound like they reading 1 line at time, without connecting emotion. Some anime, all the characters sound asleep (common in old school dubs). Other cases, the VA does not match character. Yet still, in some cases, the "cuteness" in the voice is lacking in English.

    IDK WTF is wrong with FUNimation this season, but iz not good. Just give me my Dagashi Kasahi back, already. I need *good dubs!


    .....For instance, some Japanese sub are actually****. Perhaps due to lower skilled studios; more often then not in the past titles. Others are soso. So English has chance to knock out of the park. A chance to make a dry Jap vocals anime like High School DxD, and liven it up. Rias comes alive in that dub.

    Yes, sometimes they go as far to change original intent of the scene, but if it works, /missionaccomplished "Ultimate Otaku Teacher", some of the dub lines jokes by the Teacher are priceless; in a sub version of the exact same line is dry and 0 joke. Lots of Zelda references and other Otaku stuff, the sub without. Is the best, most fantastic; the very greatest, I'm sure.

    Indeed am not calling for VA to clone Japanese sub. What I am calling for, is the "best fit for the anime". If it's anime is about "white people" (Time Travel Girl) for instance, I hardly expect Japanese linguistic rhythms to fit. Spice and Wolf; Japanese is OK, but dub is Master Tier. Even a Japanese-setting that has bouncy kids, lots of subtitled have "adult voices" for HS/MS kids that the (Japanese) are out of line. Less u like ur kids sounding like old hags. Every show must be considered individually.

    What I am saying, is that for (me) to "waste" extra time (delayed release), money, and otherwise, it better be worth it. And FUNimation clearly done good stuff b4. No so much this time. I don't see anyone claiming any dub this season was like, "the best", or even "mandatory".

    Another example, to use non-FUNIDub product: "Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in dungeon?" Sentai Filmworks, released a trailer scene of their upcoming dub to be released in April, I think. Although Main Character is "bearable" the lead female, in addition to some others featured, just bad. Really bad.

    If you are going to use a different voice style, it better work. Problem is, lots of VA, for instance, are the "blonde" voice American types that give way too much "vocal accent" to the otherwise prevalence of young characters sounds in anime. For older characters ("adults"), it is usually fine.

    In other words, what is intended/works as "cute girls" sound like they are post-menopausal. Akiba Strip main female lead suffers from this. It just nukes ur head listening to "Carla from Fairy Tail" in AKIBA Strip. Kill that annoying as **** Xceed already, plz. Wendy better off w/o.

    Maybe I just get "oversensitive" on what may be considered "waifu matters". Nevertheless, these perceptions affect how people ultimately judge anime. If people don't feel the emotional pull of the VA, they won't get story. Masamune Revenge: VA are absolutely vital in that, for instance. See my CR thread for epic defense thereof. My fav anime of the season.

    Aki Adagaki, the FUNIDUB, sounds like a "Valley Girl". Instead of being cold, hard, and defensive.

    Because, like totes whatevs. That's so cool. I, just like, so totally don't get it you know? Is like, that's ridiculous they said. I'm like, so over it, right?....

    Anyways, hopefully u get it. Indeed, as the most key part of this series, I argue elsewhere, was this sequence in sub (Episode 1):


    In the dub, the lines are further edited as,

    "Arrgh, what a pain. She better not have gotten too far. I don't have time for this nonsense."

    Yea, like that nonsense that FUNI ADR made me a complete bitch, why don't you?

    THAT DOES NOT exist in sub. Nor does it make this better. It gives off completly ditsy persona of the character, one that is /bitchmode . This is like, the most sober/somber/sad part this whole anime, it sets up the case that she isn't evil at all, but with mixed and uncertain emotions.

    But the dub makes her off as total bitch. Completely "Fake News". And, as u will see later, /nuke the **** out of the story. Like Hiroshima. Because, that's totes awesome, TANK U FUNI!!!


    Miss WTF Dragon Maid, not as horrible, but Tohru does not sound cute. The voice intonation is supposed to go up/down in pitch constantly, adds to the "moe" appeal. The basis of what seemingly is a "Yuri" scenario.

    Yet, the SimulDub VA is static. Makes the anime sound serious, all business like date mode. This show (as seen later episodes) is about "exuberant fun" without much direction, predicated on the "ditsy cuteness" of the female dragons. Yet, the dub makes it sound like hard core love affair with Miss WTF(Kobayashi). Changing this, makes the show into something, quite literally boring. Does not work nor make sense.

    Anyways, this is 1 season that CR clearly won. Did u see the numbers?


  • Dubs seem okay to me. Granted, I've seen none of the subs besides ACCA and Akiba's Trip. Although, I'm not a dub hater and I don't really enjoy subs (especially with the new way they do subs) so I don't hate the Enlgish voices nor do I care how they line up to the Japanese version. To me, the Japanese version would seem off. Also, I'm not sure which shows seem like they aren't emoting. Maybe ACCA but I think most of those people are supposed to seem like that. Interviews especially seems very well done when it comes to emoting in the lines. Rather enjoy it.

  • I actually find this season to be probably one of the better seasons normally you may only get 1 or 2 shows that are really good during a season. To me there are 5 good shows this season

    -Saga of Tanya the evil
    -Fuuka(really good if you watched its prequel Suzuka)
    -miss kobayashi's dragon maid
    -interview with monster girls( wasn't expecting this one to be good but it really is)

    • mob psycho 100

  • Watched at least one ep of all the simuldubs, except for Zesty and while I do think Justin Briner was a bad choice for Kojuro in Masamune's revenge, and Monica Rial does sound a little too old for 10-11 year old Tanya, everything else I heard was fine. The only one that I think as a whole is just not good is for Handshakers. that's only based off of one episode and of course the show itself is pretty terrible and there's not much you can do with it. it's good enough for the show. Expect for Zesty time season 2 and Akiba (only watching the simuldub), I am up to date with all the simulcasts of the shows being dubbed and I'm following 7, maybe 8 simuldubs, the rest I just don't want to re-watch so soon

  • Hmmmmmmm........

    I'm not gonna say that every dub is the pinnacle of perfection, but there's some dubs that capture certain character performances quite well and others that seem to make an interesting interpretation of the character or miss the point. I'll definitely defend dubs like Monster Girls and Tanya the Evil, but I'll definitely admit that much as I like Justin Briner his performance in Masamune is just....not great.

    Not gonna sit here and claim they're all perfect A+ Top Tier dubs, but I'm also not gonna say they're awful and don't have redeeming qualities, because they definitely do.

  • I have to agree that the only simuldub that's airing this season that is really truly "bad" is Hand Shakers. It's got a solid cast and a good director, but I get the feeling that Jerry Jewell realizes how bad the show is and isn't really putting too much effort into it. And frankly, I can't fault him for that. The show is an absolute dumpster fire.

  • I agree hand shakers is really
    Bad I could not even finish one episode.@Getchman

  • I wouldn't say they SimulDubs are uninspired. I've enjoyed the ones that I'm following week to week. I find Akiba's Trip easier to watch in English than do the Japanese audio. Tanya sounds good to me IMO but I never checked out the Japanese audio track so I don't have anything to compare it to. Nanbaka is great. Interview with Monster Girls was good in the first episode but I'm watching the show in Japanese so I'm not going to be following the dub, Fukka's first episode I though was good but it wasn't clicking with me.

  • @SpacemanHardy said in Winter 2017 "SimulDubs": Horribly Uninspired:

    I have to agree that the only simuldub that's airing this season that is really truly "bad" is Hand Shakers.

    If Handshakers is so "horrid bad" (which it is), then why is it 1/3 Flagship shows for their Winter advertising, "Worlds that Speak to You..."?

    If FUNI trys to sell u how wonderful they are by releasing a trash product, and putting their AAA name to it.... The Japanese call this "disgrace", to say the least...

  • @classyspartan said in Winter 2017 "SimulDubs": Horribly Uninspired:

    I'll definitely defend dubs like Monster Girls

    If u "defend" that.... Well, u guys do a DubTalk show, so no wonder y you've gone deaf to Japanese, it appears.

    Although it is true, if you lack relevant language skills, the nuances that make Japanese version far superior are lost, as it were...

    @sprtekid2003 said in Winter 2017 "SimulDubs": Horribly Uninspired:

    miss kobayashi's dragon maid

    That one...... Let us say, English version sounds ho hume. The Japanese, with all that kawaiii desu power, someone gonna pay ur house a visit when ur done watching...


  • 0_1487043167489_Dragon Maid reaction face 3.jpg

  • @otakuanthony said in Winter 2017 "SimulDubs": Horribly Uninspired:

    I wouldn't say they SimulDubs are uninspired.

    They are "uninspired" because they are not compelling. No one here is even making that claim, to my understanding.

    That means, the dub>sub. Does artistical things sub only could have dreamed of. Like Dagashi Kashi. Or High School DxD. Or Fairy Tail. Or FMA. So on, so forth.

    Whereas, these titles sound forced. Par for course. They don't make you to think "You should be watching...". The whole premise of FUNI thereof.

    Indeed, without the benefit of seeing a full season before dubbing, I think this whole "simuldub" concept is killing dubbed anime. The ADR do not have the information as to how character profiles should be. Or, since there is mad-dash to push out titles, special attention is not being paid to each title.

    So lots more anime, shortly after Japan release, but bad. Sorry, but I'd rather wait 9 months for a good dub; job well done, it is so...

  • Okay. Cool. If you don't like them, that's okay. You are entitled to your own opinion.

    Meanwhile lots of other people, including many of us here on the site, think the dubs are fine. So we'll continue to listen to them and enjoy them. 😊

  • If you think they'd change their dubs just because you don't like them you definitely haven't seen the response to their new apps and website.

    This really has no relevance to what is being talked about I just wanted to fire off a few shots.

    Also, I guess I can't really say the dubs are inspired because I'm not sure what you mean by that. Inspired by the Japanese audio? Inspired by real life? Inspired by what it would sound like in America? It's really subjective. Inspired could be good or bad. I'd point at Ghost Stories. Also, to an extent, Panty and Stocking.

  • @thegrandalliance Waiting 9 months does not always make for a good dub either. I have not been able to see all of the first episode of "Shimoneta", but what I have, it made me cry. I was hoping for a better and was sadly let down. Same could be said for "No-Rin". The only person that I would have considered best for the part was Tia Ballard as Ms. Becky. The rest were boring and cringe worthy to me.

    Personally, I like watching Dubbed, I am usually drawing or writing, but some shows I have to watch Subbed "The Devil is a Part-Timer" for one, because as you said, they miss the nuances of what should be there. For crying out loud, there is a script, it is in the sub, follow it, stop adding BS and taking out things that should be there. The Voice acting for it is pretty good, but I like the things that you miss in the Dub.

    The new shows are in no way as uninspiring as the past seasons. Most of the shows are garbage, and one, maybe two are worth viewing. The main problem is that with all of the issues with the apps it is hard to tell considering the Fire TV app is pretty much useless, unless you want to sit through buffering hell every couple seconds per episode. The Roku has audio issues as well as the buffering.

    But, those are my thoughts.

  • I think these SimulDubs are worth watch:

    • Fuuka
    • Interviews with Monster Girls
    • Masamune-kun's Revenge
    • The Tales of Zestirira X

    However, I do believe things get lost in translation. I've seen the Subs and the changing or removal of a word could alter the meaning of a conversation or mood of a scene. Another problem is the VAing doesn't always match the expression, or emotion, of the animated character. That happens with both Japanese and English. You feel something is off.

    Hand Shakers is a travesty. Unfortunately, I keeping watching it to see if it gets better, but it's like watching a train wreck. It's not the VAs fault, but the story is weak and the characters seem to be "separate" from the background, like a Weather Man in front of a blue screen. Lighting, shading or the soft and hard lines of the artwork don't match up.

    To pick on a VA that doesn't sound young enough is too subjective. I enjoy Monica Rial's works, including her current project.

    On a side note: I don't get the connection between the shows Suzuka and Fuuka, aside from the two characters were athletic. I mean, Suzuka had some serious baggage, unlike Fuuka being happy-go-lucky attitude.

  • @bitmizer said in Winter 2017 "SimulDubs": Horribly Uninspired:

    I don't get the connection between the shows Suzuka and Fuuka

    Fuuka is, quite literally, Suzuka's daughter.

  • @valyn76

    LoL, U got problems. The 3 dubs u listed are actually quite good by comparison to Winter. Perhaps u don't like "ad libbing", but when FUNI ADR "rewrite" the scrip in good way, iz good. Shimoneta... the sex jokes do not translate. They have to be rewritten as dub for any hope of making sense.

    Note: Everyone, read OP again. Edited it with /walloftext to further explain season in detail.

  • TGA, what the hell is up with your typing recently? where did that intelligence you love lording over us go?

  • It does feel like he's stepped down his game.

  • @thegrandalliance said in Winter 2017 "SimulDubs": Horribly Uninspired:


    LoL, U got problems. The 3 dubs u listed are actually quite good by comparison to Winter. Perhaps u don't like "ad libbing", but when FUNI ADR "rewrite" the scrip in good way, iz good. Shimoneta... the sex jokes do not translate. They have to be rewritten as dub for any hope of making sense.

    Note: Everyone, read OP again. Edited it with /walloftext to further explain season in detail.

    I agree, sometimes the dub is just better than the sub. But sometimes it doesn't even feel like they are trying to make a good dub to an otherwise good series. You mentioned Dungeon and I am inclined to agree with you. I've watched both clips (the one for Bell and the one for Chestia) and if those clips are indicative of the dub, I'm just going to call that the sub is immensely better.

    It would be one thing if Funi would go back through and touch up the dubs but I don't recall them ever doing that.

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