Video setting preferences in account setting

  • Hello, i have my video quality is set at 320 in my account preferences but when watching videos in setting cog its always set to auto is this a bug or is it supposed to be there since i have have it set to lowest setting shouldn't it be on 320 not auto ?

    separate question i also have an orange exclamation mark by my account what does it mean ?

    and my avatar picture where it says weather your online or not is just a black circle and says i am offline when i'am online any ideas is anyone else having this problem ?

  • did u ever figure out the exclamation mark?

  • @michael15 It should be on 320 if that resolution is available for that video. Could you please provide the video you were watching, so that I can attempt to reproduce?

    Ignore the exclamation mark for now. It's supposed to mean that you have a notification or that you need to do something. However, we haven't implemented notifications yet and it looks like even if you do update everything, the exclamation mark doesn't go away.

    Online circle I think is a bug, but it hasn't been reported. However, there is a possible related issue where logging in to the site doesn't always log you in to the forum. Let's wait for that to be fixed first, and then we'll see if the online/offline issue remains.

    cc: @calicorn

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