Convention Events? Why not here?

  • I have to wonder, we occasionally see Funimation (and crunchyroll) at certain events throughout the year. Mostly in the USA and only it seems certain markets.

    I would LOVE to see one or both come to Canada. I know there are a couple SCI-FI/Anime etc conventions up here.

    Anime/Manga I think has at least two in toronto.

    Oh wow, just googling shows more than 2. is a larger list... is one specific.

    Huge one here.. (always packed)

  • Oh yeah for sure, I would love Funimation to visit fan expo in Toronto. DOWN WITH THE T-SHIRT TOWERS!!!

  • FUNimation does go to Anime North in Toronto and Anime Revolution in Vancouver each year.

  • Make sure you contact the convention as well. It lets them know that people are interesting in having more industry guests, so they would be more willing to approach Funimation. I do think Funimation may have some criteria about number of attendees before they will really consider a convention (it is expensive to attend cons that aren't close by). Doesn't hurt to ask. Same goes for any guests you may want, the more requests the more likely a con is to at least invite a guest.

  • @jlaking

    Hmm, well I can't say I've ever been to Anime North, its been a while since I been to a convention due to health, however, I used to go to FanExpo and Polaris (otherwise known as Toronto Trek prior) which had a lot of anime going on around them. In fact, it was TT that gave me my 'first' experience in anime (if you exclude robotech, Voltron and Battle of the Planets in the 80's on TV...)

    Hmm, it might be a good idea to contact the facebook pages and get a early start on them. FanExpo is large enough they basically rent out an entire convention centre in downtown Toronto to hold it...

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