Disappointed in Funimation

  • The app on PS4 is so bad enough is enough and am signing up to Crunchyroll and going to cancel my year subscription to Funimaton as it's just shameful this is on PS4! If Crunchyroll is as bad or worse I will come back but all was good until this last update.

  • Hi! Welcome to the forum. I'm sorry that you joined under such circumstances, but I'm glad that you let us know that you are unhappy with the PlayStation app.

    I do have some good news. We are taking user feedback over in this thread, so that we can make improvements to the PlayStation app. I hope you can join us there. ^_^

    I'm locking this thread now, but only because we already have a thread going for the PlayStation app. If everything is in place, I can more easily make sure that everyone is heard.

    Thank you!!

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