Starter Villains Battle Royale! Highschool DxD vs Naruto

  • Zabuza, Haku, Demon Brothers VS0_1486524067750_Zabuza2.PNG 0_1486524085113_th.jpg Raynare(she has Asia's Twilight Healing) and her Friends0_1486524148690_CGbb6bjUQAA7ZF-.jpg 0_1486524158696_Fallen_Highschool_DXD.jpg

  • Do note this is just a friendly debate, lets be civil. Remember its Zabuza, Haku, the Demon Brothers VS Raynare with Twilight Healing and her friends. Both sides don' t know who the other is nor their capabilities, the setting is in the woods, also please reframe from using or posting info from Comic Vine, VS Battle Wiki, OBD Wiki, Anime Vice, ect. We're going by actual feats seen in their respective Manga/or Light Novel and Anime. "No over the top calculations, head canon, overexaggerations, downplaying, wanking feats"

  • Well... Zabuza alone would mop the floor with them.

    He actually had powers on display. All Raynere did was stab Issei like 4 different times. Other than their ability to fly and summon spears of light (which IS deadly to humans) Zabuza kinda can do everything else better.

  • @darthrutsula40 LMFAO Naruto SOLO this anime...

  • @gohan6425 said in Starter Villains Battle Royale! Highschool DxD vs Naruto:

    @darthrutsula40 LMFAO Naruto SOLO this anime...

    He'd lose in a fight against many characters in the DxD-verse. Raynere is just not a good one. Issei, Vali, Ophis, Lucifer, and many others would be a fair fight even against Naruto. Just given the nature of what they can do, its tough to draw a line on how strong the DxD characters definitively get.

  • @darthrutsula40 Lol Naruto is a moon buster like seriously that have NO CHANGES AGAINST Naruto...

  • @gohan6425 Have you even watched or read HIgh School DxD? Because I have, I've also watched Naruto. So I'm pretty well aware of what both sides are capable of doing.

  • @darthrutsula40 High School DxD is not moon level! LMFAO! Don't you wanking now... I meet alot of Wanker in my day in the vs. community...

  • @gohan6425 They've had no reason to shoot at the moon? And like I said, given the nature of their powers they are more than capable. Not to mention any non-human characters in DxD can fly. Something that like 7 canon Naruto characters have done (two of which needed the Ten-Tails)

  • @darthrutsula40 Lol there no prove off there moon buster then! Unless feats or the author stated there NOT MOON BUSTER! I from vs. community this is my for tay!

  • @gohan6425 No just that when two individuals fight they're able to destroy the world. Hell there's characters that (at least up to where I read) have only been blurbs that are canonically better fighters.

    And your "for tay" is literally the equivalent of saying "my dad can beat up your dad." And I've seen nothing about Naruto (or Sasuke) being able to have feats of the caliber that you describe.

  • @darthrutsula40 Well it state in the guild book if you read up on it that Naruto can blow up a moon... Also the God of Naruto forget what his name is spell as being able to blow up a planet... You have yet to show any feats on High School to prove or statement made so you comment is invalid... Though since I on the research team for Cartoon Fight Club and have debates with other researcher ALL TIME about the thing I think it safe to said I have more inside on this issue...

  • @gohan6425 Well you have Ophis the "Infinite Dragon God" who, at her peak was considered to be infinitely powerful (though now that she lost half her power she is 4x stronger than the Red and White Dragon Emperors). Issei and Vali both can steal half another person's power and add it to their own. And have ability reflections. Issei can double his own power. Sirzechs Lucifer literally can go Super-Satan (Super-Saiyan but he's a satan). And then we have the "top 10 strongest in the world" who are: Ophis, Shiva, Brahma, Sakra, Thor, Typhon (or Fenrir), Hades, Aten, and Lugh. This ranking is before Ophis and Fenrir lost their powers, and the author notes exceptions for the Hindu gods (because they have "cheat likes abilities". He also notably excluded Rizevim Sirzechs and Ajuka (the "super devils" who have their own classification)

    And then the author makes a clear distinction between most powerful and most skilled fighter. Because what good is destroying a planet? You destroy the ground on your feet you lose too. Because one of the most powerful beings behaves more like an impartial deity and doesn't fight. He lives between dimensions. Oh and the God of a different dimension (Chichigami) has communicated to the pervy protag. Cao Cao almost destroyed Hell and he wields the Spear Of Longinus, and he has no magical powers to speak of. Just his ability as a fighter.

    Many times these characters move faster than the eye can see. And I haven't even mentioned the Dragons, Trihexa, the Greek, Norse, Chinese, or Shinto gods or the other characters in the Gremory Group.

  • @darthrutsula40
    The most ironic part of it all, I never said it was Naruto the character VS all of Highschool DxD, I'm very sorry you had to encounter this Troll who wanks everything he likes and downplays anything he knows nothing of. This post was meant for fun but apparently some people don't even try to read and have to act like spoiled brats, thus ruin any fun for normal rational people.

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