Bug Issues

  • I've already reported most of my bug findings, here are my conclusions to where this site actually works to almost its full potential. I've heard a lot of complaints that the site is broken from mostly Windows 10 PC's, and none from Windows 8, Windows 7, or Mac OS and IOS. This is what i found!

    • Windows 10 - will have; constant loading problems or crashes, Video Player's UI will not leave when playing, subtitles are not created properly and small, the forums are not will build, the Preview Box when selecting a video is either missing or a white picture rather than an image. Blog sign user out.
    • Windows 8 - seems to be working well and more beyond than i thought. The UI is more responsive as it should be, the video player has no real problems of loading nor crashes and Video Player UI will leave during video playback. The preview box is still white and the subtitles are too small for its size but i do adore the black box that lays back behind the words. The forums are not design to see the replies without seeing emails or receiving a notification for staying on the sites forums. Blog still sign outs.
    • Windows 7 - Status Unknown
    • Mac OS - Status Unknown
    • IPhone 5S on Mobile Site - I prefer to use the Mobile App but here is what i found. Blog doesn't sign user out. You can see your inbox for the forums. UI looks well made for mobile but doesn't play any video playback. Comment section bug - press submit as many times you want and will repeat the same comment as many times you press.

  • Windows 7 here, site is next to unusable, takes an eternity to load/buffer if it does so at all.
    And while I'm not sure this is Windows 7 specific there seems to be a large number of out-of-order episodes in certain series.

  • @AzureNights If you don't mind, could you please submit a ticket to www.funimation.com/contact-us and list the out-of-order shows in question? It would be a big help in getting the tech team to set things straight.

    I personally have noticed that Sgt. Frog is bad out of order.

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