1 day free trail?

  • Hello,
    I signed up on the 28th January and I received my 14 day trial and after a day of use I got charged for the first month and the trial was removed.
    As it states on the main page of Funimation and and the app it clearly shows that its offering a 14 day trial but I got charged a day later?

    I wouldn't normally share this concern on the main forum as its an account/subscription problem but I've already sent a ticket on the 30th of January and haven't heard anything and hopefully someone on here can lead me to a right direction on what to do next.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Thank you for sending in a ticket. I apologize for the long delay in response. You can try sending a message to @FunimationHelp on Twitter. You will usually get a faster response that way.

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