• I'm shocked there hasn't been a huge surge in Berserk topics here with the new 2016 anime. I've been a fan for some time now: seen the 1997 anime all 25 episodes, the 2012 movies Golden Age parts 1,2,3 and I've read the manga also plan on buying the entire manga series eventually. Please let there be hardcore Berserk fans here, I'm DYING to discuss SPOILERS with fans who know as much as I do.

  • how unfortunate

  • I've been buying the manga, its such a fun series despite all the things that turn most others off from it. Before collecting the manga and reading it, I had watched the 1997 anime quite a few years ago, then about 1-2 years ago I watched the 2012 anime movies. Not to jump on the hate train but like many other fans I was extremely disappointed in the new 2016 anime. At least I've got the manga!

  • I seen the movie trilogy a couple of years back.

  • @darkmatterkakine said in Berserk:

    Not to jump on the hate train but like many other fans I was extremely disappointed in the new 2016 anime. At least I've got the manga!

    Like a lot of others, I also wasn't a fan of the style at first. But, aside from some stiff movement, and weak facial animation, the choreography, sense of timing, use of music and voice acting all felt incredibly well done to me. And if we have to put up with some janky art for all that, and seeing post-Golden Age animated, it was worth it. Plus, from what I've heard, it was fixed up a bit for the home video, so hopefully Millepensee has a better understanding of how to handle production for the 2017 season.

    I'm not sure if I've seen all the '90s anime, or all three Golden Age movies, but I am looking forward to getting volume 38 of the manga in a few months.

  • My favorite volume is 27 when Guts uses the Berserker Armor and fights Grunbeld, while Skull Knight is fighting Zodd. Then it ending with Guts and his new band going to the beach on their journey to Elfheim. A for my favorite chapter it is Lost Children due to the story returning to Black Swordsman Guts along with the tension in the air with all the controversial stuff that happened, I also liked Rosine as a villain , and Jill is my favorite female cast member in Berserk.

  • I was kinda disappointed that arc wasn't included, but I understand why it might not have been left out, both content-wise, and because it doesn't do a lot to progress the plot. They did a decent job tying events together, despite that missing thread.

    I didn't like how the first episode, in the bar was handled. In the manga, Guts had a reason for assaulting goons, but I don't think he would have done it if they were just being loud and annoying.

    Here's a PV:

  • For me as a fan of Berserk: the 25 episode 1997 anime is GOOD, the 3 Golden Age movies are OK, the 2004 PS2 game AWESOME, the 12 episode 2016 anime is GRAND TREASON, the original Manga volume 1-38 ongoing AN UNPARALLELED MASTERPIECE! I'm not even going to bother watching the 2017 anime the PV despite being only a few seconds long shows they're still being cheep and not taking Berserk seriously. As for the Berserk Musou game, its a really bad joke, I'll spend my money elsewhere.

  • I'm shocked Funimation got Berserk, I had figured Viz or somebody else would of got it. Does this topic need to be moved to the official licence shows area by a moderator now? Also I love Puck's voice it fits so well!

  • @darkmatterkakine I don't think it needs to be moved to its own area. I think the dub is on the site because of the partnership with Crunchyroll; the dub cast is primarily West Coast guys. I believe a series should have its own group in the licensed shows section only if Funimation gets all the rights to that series. (For another example, Funimation only has the home video rights to Seven Deadly Sins; Netflix still has the streaming rights.)

  • I just want to see someone reclaim the remastered Berserk DVD release that Media Blasters HAD. But if Viz gets it.... I will scream.

  • Due to the new 2017 one coming out will Funimation get that one too and dub it?

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