Funimation Channel Appreciation Thread

  • This is for anyone who has ever had the Funimation Channel on any service previously and anyone who has never had it and want to know about what it was like. Any trolls who are going to come on here and say cable/dish is dead and/or Funimation doesn't need a channel, YOU can go somewhere else. This topic is for sharing your favorite shows you watched on there and sharing your favorite story's of back when you had it.

  • @darkmatterkakine I never had it myself b/c I had Time Wagner or (DrictTV back then when I was living with my mom) and I guess it was only on Verizon Files. I do remember watching it sometime when I was at my Aunt House as she had Verizon Files and that how I seen it some times...

  • would love to have the channel, but verizon would make me pay an extra 20 a month for it. so its either 7 bucks a months for my anime needs or 20. will say if funi could convince the big networks to put it int he more basic packages that would be amazing.

  • @darkmatterkakine said in Funimation Channel Appreciation Thread:

    Any trolls who are going to come on here and say cable/dish is dead and/or Funimation doesn't need a channel, YOU can go somewhere else.

    I used it/VOD service from Comcast for years. How I started watching Fairy Tail from the start, actually. Got preety far too. Then I came here. My only regret is I didn't come here sooner... I did only because Comcast ended their FUNI VOD service earlier in 2015.

    Aren't you all "lucky?" But yes... Glad that I did get pushed to a real service after being "FUNILazy" for years. There is no need for the channel. It is dated tech and is limiting on size/nature of use sub/dub; and cable, meh. Me currently deciding whether to cord cut all American TV at moment.

    Indeed, as I wouldn't expect FUNI channel to still exist next year. We shall see, in either case...

  • @thegrandalliance A Funimation Channel IS NEED and I prove in the other thread why an Anime Channel for 24 Hours would work... I hope the Funimation Channel come back...

  • I had it with AT&T a while back. It kept me from binge watching shows and was pretty great for background noise. I especially liked having it on in the morning while getting ready for the day. Actually I got a Funimation subscription because of the tv channel. I had only really seen anime on the old Toonami block. As I started watching more of the Funimation channel I eventually went to the website to find more shows.

    Personally I wouldn't mind a 24 hour stream from any of the anime streaming services. I think having a specific lineup is a great way of checking out an entire catalog. Crunchyroll has a random button but it starts from the first episode or the last episode seen. It's just some shows have a lackluster first episode but a great second half.

  • I remember the first show I had seen on there, it was Aria The Scarlet Ammo. It was awesome and got me back into anime, it had been years since I watched anime. To find a 24 hour 7 days a week network was a miracle. Still to this day I watch and enjoy Aria, the mix of action and fanservice was fantastic! its a shame the anime is only 12-13 episodes long despite the light novel source material being so far ahead.

  • The first few shows I had seen where pretty good in my opinion: the main 3 being Aria The Scarlet Ammo (Awesome fanservice action show), Baka and Test (Hilarious high school show), and Cat Planet Cuties (my first true Ecchi show that was fun to watch). Then there was also Deadman Wonderland, YuYu Hakusho, B Gata H Kei, Good Luck Girl, Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero, Shiki, Darker Than Black: Gemini of The Meteor, Okami-san and her Seven Companions, Steins;Gate, Maken-Ki, Freezing, Highschool DxD NEW, Spice & Wolf, Date A Live, A Certain Magical Index, A Certain Scientific Railgun, Black Lagoon, Shangri-La, Is This A Zombie, Is This A Zombie? of The Dead, D-Frag, Haganai, Haganai NEXT, Unbreakable Machine Doll. So many good shows, pleas bring back Funimation Channel, it was awesome!!!

  • @darkmatterkakine

    I was definitely saddened when Verizon removed #262. I think when I was watching it (in the early days) there was Peach Girl, Moon Phase. In the next round, possibly Kenichi, Suzuka, and School Rumble? Right before the discontinuation, I think I was watching Baka and Test. Probably many others that I'm missing there, just trying to remember the ones that really stood out. Maybe even Bamboo Blade? Does anyone remember Clarence McGhee for the Invent Help commercial? I also liked the spots for the bands like Stereo Pony. (Sighs) The more I think of those great memories and to think that it is not there now, sooo depressing.
    Wish, by some miracle, this channel could make a comeback.. It was one of the few I actually had use for. It's amazing, these cable providers etc. give you hundreds of channels, yet, nothing really gripped the core of my being like the compelling anime from FUN.

  • I miss the title bumpers for commercial breaks they're music was very catchy. Also I still have Haganai episode 13 on my DVR its also caught the ending to Fairy Tail, and episode 12 start of D-Frag and 1 of the Unbreakable Machine-Doll episodes the last few minutes shows Good Luck Girl intro. Knowing what I do now I would of filled my DVR to 70%-80% of Funimation Channels shows.

  • @darkmatterkakine

    Hi darkmatter,

    You explain,
    "Knowing what I do now I would of filled my DVR to 70%-80% of Funimation Channels shows."

    I think at one point, my DVR was pretty filled with FUNi titles, but, had to make space... i don't think it would've mattered too much in my case as that STB had to go back to Verizon, wasn't really functioning properly... I understand where you're coming from though.

  • As cheesy as it sounds, after getting ready for school and waiting for the bus I'd watch Funimation Channel while eating breakfast, sometimes watching Baka and Test. It had always put me in a good mood before going to school, like anyone else school is sometimes stressful with the people you have to deal with.

  • found it on Pluto streaming service. Wasn't sure if there were ads playing when the screen turned black, but it was awesome!

  • It was always fun to see the new shows they licence and dubbed and see them for the first time on Funimation Channel, the premieres where always fun, getting to see new shows and getting really into them.

  • I wished they would of premiered A Certain Magical Index II and the Index movie too on the channel at some point(if it hypothetically was still around). I am glad they managed to show A Certain Scientific Railgun anime season 1 and 2 before the channel was gone along with Index season 1.

  • all the anime titles for a low price

  • This post is deleted!

  • seriously bring this awesome channel back!

  • Funimation Channel and a DVR is what made me appreciate anime beyond what Toonami was showing.

    My cable provider dropped it about a year after I discovered it though.

    I am sure they have no motivation to have another on air channel since they have their streaming service now.

  • I remember seeing this channel on my guide when I was 9 or 10, but I never actually turned the channel on because I thought it was inappropriate. Heck, I didn’t even know what Funimation was back then (or anime for that matter). But now that I know what both of those things are, I really want this channel back. Sadly, I do not think the channel will ever come back, because more and more people are ditching cable TV in favor of streaming. But based on that, maybe Funimation Channel could come back as a paid On Demand service with a discounted price for those with a FunimationNow subscription. Come on Funimation, make it happen!

  • @darkmatterkakine Out of curiosity why do you want a channel when all the shows are available for streaming? Do you feel it can reach a larger audience? Do you like to leave your TV on while doing other things? Is it just more convenient for you? Or some other reason?

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