Has anyone else noticed this in newer anime?

  • Since 2015 or 2016, I've noticed some anime during their action scenes would turn very dark when they happen. The lighting in the scene would turn dark for some reason as opposed to the rest of what was going on, I found it very irritating. To give an example it happened often in "My Hero Academia", I've also seen it on One Punch Man too. Its happened in at least 4-5 anime I've seen lately, anybody know why?

  • I have noticed but hadn't actually looked in to it before, but found something interesting here,


    "Upon thinking about this again, I decided to do some research into this phenomenon. You correctly identify that there is some unusual darkening of scenes in TV broadcast anime that is not present in Blu-Ray releases. It looks like you are also correct that this has something to do with laws1 requiring broadcasters to avoid airing content that may cause seizures in people who suffer from photosensitive epilepsy (though I don't think you could reasonably construe this as "censorship")."

    I have noticed it only seems to happen during action scenes so maybe that really is why?

  • How odd, they didn't seem to be anything too crazy going on in the scenes, but I suppose certain people maybe more likely to have negative reaction. That reminds me of that banned Pokemon episode that caused epilepsy.

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