Video player issues

  • Anyone else having the issue of going into full screen mode, and the top and bottom bars not going away? It's really annoying! Also, the player will mute whenever you enter or exit full screen mode.
    If these issues continue, I'll be unsubscribing. I've been checking back periodically and nothing has been corrected.

  • @FallenOne87 I'm sorry you're having issues. The tech team is currently working hard to fix as many problems as they can, but because of the sheer number of reported issues, it is taking some time to address them all.

    Please send in a ticket to and let the tech team know about this issue. As mentioned, they are currently swamped in tickets, so please try to be patient. They'll help you out as soon as they are able. You might also consider sending them a message @FunimationHelp on Twitter, as you might get a quicker response that way.

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