How Sign Subtitles Are Displayed On Videos Suggestion

  • When Funimation moved over to the new video player, they changed how the subtitles look that display when translating text. Now, the subtitles appear with a transparent box around them. I don't like the look because I think it obscures part of the image when there is a lot of text on screen and it makes it harder to read the text over some backgrounds, not to mention it just looks silly especially on TVs and computer screens. I thought it was much easier to read when there was a thin black border around the letters. It also seems like the text can be only displayed on the top or the bottom of the screen, which is typical of a Funimation release. But even some Funimation releases would occasionally position the text in relation to the Japanese text when needed, which doesn't seem possible anymore.

    My suggestion is to either change the look of the subtitles back to how they use to be, with a thin black border around the text or (if they are soft subtitles) allow the user to change the look of the sign subtitles themselves. This is already possible for closed captions, however it only applies to watching videos on their website and doesn't apply to the subtitles that translate on screen text.

  • I agree with you! The typesetting is totally worse than it was before the site overhaul. I found it pretty bad while watching Drifters.

    Ideally they'd format it to the style of the sign they're translating like CR does. I really hope this gets done sooner rather than later.

  • I agree. The new setup for subtitles is terrible. I realize that Funimation is a big place for dub watchers, so subs aren't their main concern. But I usually watch subs. Funimation has a large catalogue that makes it worth subscribing to, however, if these subs keep having the black box around the letters, I might reconsider my subscription.

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