• I think there used to be a forum section for cosplay discussion. In any case, I suppose this thread could be used to discuss it, even if only to recommend websites to use for finding a cosplay. is a good one, and has quite a good selection. Unfortunately, there is one item that I need for a cosplay I'm putting together. I want to do a cosplay of Leo from Fairy Tail. I already have the suit and tie, and I even wear glasses. However, Cosplayfu does not have the wig, and I don't know of any other websites. Anyone have any suggestions?

    Again, since I intend for this thread to be for discussing cosplay in general, feel free to post questions you might have.

  • Didn't think I needed a site for all that cosplay stuff, but now I have it bookmarked.

    I am internally squeeeeeeeing.

  • nice cosplay choice. Leo/Loke is one of my favorites.
    is this your first one? if not what others have you done?

    ebay has a lot of nice wigs just buy from high rated sellers :3 .

  • I'm gona be cosplaying as Juvia from fairy tail, the version where she first joined the guild with the white / blue dress , hat, gloves and white boots.

    I got my costume from Ebay so yeah try there

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