The need for polls.

  • Hey there, just wanted to put this out there as a friendly reminder:

    Our Meaty Competition character tournaments are one of the biggest draws to the forums, and have served as a fun, exciting, and intellectual way to boost forum interactions and activity for years now. However, with the new site, we no longer have access to poll options, which severely limit our ability to run the tournaments.

    Seeing as tournament season is coming up soon, it'd be really nice if we can figure out a way to add the poll options back in. Otherwise, our character tournaments will be much more difficult to run, thereby making them a lot less fun and exciting than usual.

    So if it's at all possible using this new site layout, please look into bringing back the polls. The regulars and tournament organizers will thank you. ^_^

  • There's this:

    I'm not sure if we can use it as it's still a work in progress, but I'll ask if our guys can look into it.

  • I definitely second the inclusion of forums and do hope you guys can properly implement it soon!

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