Adding more anime movies to the FunimationNow

  • To whom this may concern:

    I would very much like to watch the ghost in the shell: arise the new movie, psycho pass movie, evangelion 1.11, 2.22, 3.33, on the FunimationNow streaming service. (full disclosure: I have both these movies on blu-ray, but I want to watch on my mobile devices).

    sincerely, Desmond

  • Thank you for suggesting. We're always trying to get streaming rights for all of our titles. If anyone else would like to see these movies on the service, please chime in. Our Licensing Department uses this kind of data when determining which licenses to go after.

  • @Sophie Ok can you used thew date to get an English Dub of Code Geass: Akito the Exiled???

  • More anime movies on the Funimation streaming service would be great :)

  • @Sophie said in Adding more anime movies to the FunimationNow:

    If anyone else would like to see these movies on the service, please chime in.

    Why not try to go for all the movies?

    I mean I really wanted to watch Wolf Children because I kept seeing that Hana could be one of the best moms in anime (and quite honestly she's second best imo, Sachiko in Erased wins) and I absolutely loved the movie and am more than happy to buy my own copy. Friend let me borrow his copy.

    But I had no way of watching GitS Arise movie so... I did the unethical thing.

    Even if its a pay-per-view thing I would totally be down for that but I would like to NOT have to pay MSRP to watch a movie I may, or may not, like. I have watched the Hosoda movies that I was able to find on Amazon (so... Boy and the Beast and Summer Wars) and it really let me enjoy anime movies as a whole a lot more than TV shows.

    The attack on titan movies aren't for streaming either I think... I'm not sure...

    How do I find the movies that are streamable?

  • I would also like to see the two original ghost in the shell movies available to stream on Funimation Now service (p.s. I know you don't have the licence for the first GIS movie, but be super cool if you are able to do it)

  • More anime is always good, & I definitely want to see Psycho Pass on there

  • @stardragonjp yeah definitely

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