Offline viewing.

  • Funimation should give subscribers the ability to download and watch shows offline don't put a download limit on it though if there phone or device can hold it let them download as much as they want but once the video is started and being viewed then make the video expire after 24 to 48 hours so that once it's been watched it has to be deleted and they couldn't just keep seasons of shows and I don't know about anybody else's opinion but I would be willing to pay a little more for this service say 7.99$ a month make it like a premium subscription so that other people who don't want this extra service but still want to be subscribed can just have a basic subscription at the normal rate.l

  • They talked about this before, Japanese concerns of piracy shot idea down. They very "sensitive".

    As if you know what ur doing, "there is no such thing as time limit", so ur basically giving free stuff away. And Japanese hyper-sensitive to that. But we shall see...

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