Planning on fixing the website any time soon?

  • The new site is impossible to navigate and I have yet to find a single video I am able to watch... tried contacting your customer support but it's been 2 1/2 weeks and I haven't heard a word yet sooo... yeah fix yo site.
    (or better yet just go back to using the old one until you actually get the kinks worked out of this one)

  • Thank you for your feedback. If you still haven't heard back from customer support after all this time, I recommend contacting @FunimationHelp on Twitter. You may get a quicker response that way.

  • @funimation-user-2271574 If you are blocking Ad Tracking i.e. Doubleclick, Google Adsence, Mediamind DG, MediaMath and Appnexus. Or, Web Analytics i.e. Google GTM and Google Analytics. I just figured this out. I use Avast AV and there is an Add-on for Firefox call "Avast Online Security", Which, If enabled, Will block all those I mentioned above. I have to disable those options to watch what I paid for.

    p.s. Also, You'll need to disable any Ad Blocker you might be running if you want to watch anime in your "Ad Free Subscription".

  • Not just the website what the heck is going on with their streaming service. It works right on one device and then it's absolutely horrible on another.

  • I have tried everything I can think of. Different web browsers, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, even Internet Explorer. Disabled all types of blockers, enabled Funimation as a trusted website on everything I could find even disabled all anti-virus/firewall software on my computer and NOTHING works. Your website is broken, please revert it to the old one.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @funimation-user-2271574 it is working for other people...
    Do you have a modified hosts file? User @neco had problems caused by that.

  • The streaming on this new site is terrible, it has to stop to every minute or two which interferes with watching shows. If things don't get better soon I may have to cancel my subscription. I don't want to pay for a site I can't watch videos on without all these streaming problems. These problems should have been addressed before switching to the new site, isn't that what all the final site testing was for?

  • Frankly, ads and cookies are malicious and privacy invasive. Please remove them for subscribers. If you don't know why people have problems with them you are internet illiterate.

    I don't trust you guys that much. And I certainly don't support you desire for information which is not yours.

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