28 Day Anime Challenge (February)

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    Yay for a new month and new anime related questions to answer!

    The guidelines are the same as the last one, starting February 1 try and do a post with the theme of the day, and see if you can do it for the 28 days. Feel free to elaborate and gush about the shows as much as you like, I know I certainly gained a few more anime to watch based off the answers of the last challenge because of those posts!

    Korraili and I are trying to making this a monthly thing, so we'd love it if everyone can try and participate!

    Now, without further ado, here are our categories!

    1. Your First Anime
    2. Anime You Want To Watch But Haven't Yet
    3. Favorite Anime Couple
    4. Best Anime Villain
    5. Anime Character You're Most Similar To
    6. Anime That Never Gets Old No Matter How Many Times You Watch It
    7. Anime With The Best Animation
    8. Anime With The Best Art Style
    9. Best Main Male Character
    10. Best Main Female Character
    11. Best Male Side Character
    12. Best Female Side Character
    13. Favorite Anime Weapon
    14. Most Epic Scene
    15. Anime Character That Gets On Your Nerves
    16. Favorite Comedic Character
    17. Most Badass Scene In An Anime
    18. Favorite Currently Airing Anime
    19. Most Shocking Scene
    20. Favorite Couple That Is Not Canon
    21. Favorite Shoujo/Josei Anime
    22. Favorite Shounen/Seinen Anime
    23. Who Has The Best Harem?
    24. Favorite Series Dub
    25. Best Anime Movie
    26. Scene That Ruined An Anime For You
    27. Manga You Wish Had An Anime
    28. Anime You Want To Be Remade

  • Day 1 - Your First Anime

    Now, if we're being technical, my first anime would be the same as many other people. When I was a kid, I religiously watched Pokemon, Digimon, Cardcaptors and Sailor Moon. However, I don't really count those as my first "anime" as I didn't think they were any different then any other cartoons and it wasn't really what drew me in to the medium as a whole.

    So, if I am going with the first time I really watched an anime and grew interested in the culture around it, that would be Inuyasha.

    alt text

    I distinctly remember how this show used to air late at night on YTV, and I would have to watch with the volume turned down and my door closed as the rest of the house would be in bed by that time. I'd be awake at midnight just for this one show, but it was worth it. I was fascinated with basically everything about it, from the cool art style to the culture and lore this show had. It was so unlike anything else I had ever seen and I was hooked.

    A lot of people pick on this show know, and I know it doesn't have the same "quality" as a lot of the better shows do, but this one is special to me, darn it.

    alt text

    To this day I will still sit and watch this show from time to time, or at least the episodes that I really like and aren't filler. I can still remember how ecstatic I was when the announcement was made that The Final Act was being animated and the show I liked so much was finally going to have a proper conclusion.

    It was really my "first", and it will always hold a special place with me for being the one to introduce me to the world of anime.

    alt text

  • Day 1 - Your First Anime

    While I did watch a few anime as a kid, things like Pokemon, Yugioh, Monster Rancher, and Hamtaro, I didn't really know they were anime, and they sure didn't make it want to go out and find ways to watch more (ah, the days before the internet was big). So these weren't my 'first' anime.

    Fast forward to a couple years ago. Emdier had been bugging me for years to watch anime and I resisted. Then she had me over, sat me down and forced me to watch a weird show about a kid in a suit of armor and another kids who was missing an arm and a leg. I really didn't know what was happening, so went home to watch Death Note. So, while Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood was the first one I watched as an adult, Death Note was the first one I completed (I did watch FMAB after).

    alt text

    alt text

  • While Sailor Moon was my first series I remember watching that was however before I knew what anime was. I would say that the original Mobile Suit Gundam was the first one I remember watching that got me interested in anime in finding oiut what it is.

  • Thanks guys for making these threads, I was really wishing that this tradition would continue when the new website would finally be up and I'm really glad it's back now.

    1 - Your First Anime
    The first anime I watched consciously (that I decided to watch from start to finish instead of just catching random episodes on TV from time to time when I was a kid) was Elfen Lied. While being a pretty mainstream show, it really broke my preconceptions about anime and made me want to watch more series.

  • Day 1 - Your First Anime
    Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood!!
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

  • Day 2 - Anime You Want To Watch But Haven't Yet

    I have a very, very long plan to watch list. And I am terrible for watching random shows instead of actually working my way through it. "I really should get around to this show. Oh hey, this amv looks cool. Oh, that show looks neat! Should watch that!". It's a touch ridiculous how unfocused I am with picking shows to watch.

    alt text

    The one I think it highest on my priority watch list is Monster.

    Thing is, I watched half of it. Then my source ran out of dub episodes, and I am stuck in show limbo. Pretty sure I will have to watch the half I already have to refresh my memory it has been so long. However, from what I do remember, I know the show is FANTASTIC. One of the best I have watched.

    alt text

    And speaking of Monster, someone here needs to pick it up so I can just buy the show and get it over with. Not having it in print here sucks.

  • For me mine would be the FMA series in its entirety. I haven't watched a single episode of anything FMA related and I bought the BD's once I heard FMA was going OOP just to be safe.

  • Day 2: Anime you want to watch to watch but haven't yet

    Wolf's Rain

    I heard good things about this one.

    Studio Bones (Check)
    Yoko Kanno (Check)
    Was on Adult Swim (Check)

  • 2 - Anime You Want To Watch But Haven't Yet

    I have quite a few on my list but the one I have more interest in seeing is Nichijou.
    I really hope that with the Funimation DVD release it will also be available for streaming soon.

  • Day 1: First Anime

    Dragon Ball Z

    Day 2: Anime You Want To Watch


  • Your First Anime
    Ghost in the Shell in the late 1990's. It was good, but is was a long time before I watched anything else anime.

    Anime You Want To Watch But Haven't Yet

  • Day 2 - Anime You Want To Watch But Haven't Yet

    Having just finished the Tusbasa manga, Card Captor Sakura would be pretty near the top as far as my Plan to Watch list goes.

    alt text

    I have heard good things about it, and do need to know more after reading Tusbasa (not that I expect answers). Sakura and Syaoran are just so darn adorable together, them as children will probably give me diabetes.

  • aw darn I'm a day late. does that mean I lost the challenge already? D:

  • DAy 1 Your first Anime
    Technically it would be Starblazers.
    The first Anime knowing its a Anime would be Akira

    Day 2 Anime you want to watch
    Still trying to get around to watch FMA Brotherhood

  • Day 2- Anime You Want To Watch But Haven't Yet

    I have way too many shows on my To-Watch List! To name a few...

    Yowamushi Pedal
    Never seen a bicycling anime! I hope this show is as good as Haikyuu and Yuri on Ice!
    alt text

    Kids on the Slope
    I've heard so much about this show! Lots of good things! Oh and it's animated by Studio MAPPA! :D
    alt text

    The one show that's been in my Crunchyroll queue the longest would be...
    alt text

    JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.
    Yeah... I want to watch this first before a new season comes out!
    alt text

  • @ariocto14 U Can See Jojo's Bizarre Adventure on Toonami although it's already in Part 2 sadly.

  • @jameslegato said in 28 Day Anime Challenge (February):

    aw darn I'm a day late. does that mean I lost the challenge already? D:

    You can always just fill in the day you missed :)

  • @emdier Yay! thanks, I'll do that :) .

  • Day 1 :First Anime

    ...hmm...there were a lot of anime that I watched when I was a a little kid that I did not know were "anime". I have to say DBZ was my first. I loved the show so much that I looked up more about it online and, learned it was japanese animation.

    Day 2: Anime You Want To Watch But Haven't Yet
    I would have to say Dirty Pair.
    It was an anime I would see images of in ill fated anime magazines. I always wanted to watch it but, back then I felt I was to young for the content and, when I was old enough I did not know how to find it or, had forgotten about it.
    For some reason I am drawn to the redhead, she's my favorite even though I've never watched the show.
    I think there is a remake or a sequel as well but, I'm more interested in these two ladies.
    doki doki <3

  • Favorite Anime Couple

    I'm sure I'll get some flak for it, but... Kirito & Asuna
    alt text

    My runner ups would be Rias & issei

    I was tempted to put Izana & Nagate as my first choice, but I guess they're not officially a couple.
    alt text

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