Sort show between Dubbed or not

  • I miss being able to sort out the dubbed shows. I'm not always in the mood to read subtitled. So please try to add that sort feature.

  • We will be adding this. :D

  • Fix DUB availability first. When browsing through "ALL SHOWS" almost all the shows are listed as having Japanese and English audio when you place you mouse over the thumbnail for a show. When you navigate to the show's page and select "Language" only Japanese audio is available.

    Example: C3 Anime, Luck & Logic, Minami-ke, Omamori Himari, and others.

    If this is incorrect data, it should be fixed before implementing any DUB filters or nothing will get sorted properly.

  • I would like to see some changes to the funimation app on the roku when it comes to searching for dubbed anime. The new app is a big pain to navigate, especially for someone who enjoys dubbed anime a lot more than subbed. The only reason i have a funimation account is for dubbed anime, you guys have the best site for that. I feel it needs some adjusting, i know its new and still being worked on. thanks

  • i would also like to see a new section on the app or the website that allows you to see " soon to be added" This would be for any new/old shows that funimation has saved or acquired the rights to and just the shows that have dubbing available. The site and the roku app needs more variety when it comes to dub selection and searching capability. I personally only watch dubbed anime, i will make exceptions, because i have a busy life with a little kid so i can not always keep my eyes clued to a t.v.

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