Add closed captioning to all episodes. Fix Closed Captioning on Some episodes.

  • Hello,

    I notice that some episodes, including older series don't have closed captioning for the hearing impared. Not sure why. I think CC needs to be added to shows without them, so people who can't hear can watch the episodes and understand the dialogue.

    Also, the Closed Captioning on some episodes are completely out of sync, or don't work very well. They should be fixed, so the dialogue and English singing should be in sync with the audio. So can you look into it?

    Please have a Funimation Staff member respond to this post. Thanks.

  • Funimation staff are going to want some specific examples.

  • I can probably give an example. The English dub for Dimension W comes with a replaced opening & ending. (Due to licensing issues for the Toonami broadcast.) In all episodes, there are English lyrics on the screen, even though there's no opening be played.

  • I mean In some episodes, there is no CC option when you go to the menu to enable or disable CC.

    And in Some Episodes with CC, when you enable them, its not displaying the English dialogue, English singing, or sound effect discriptions propertly in sync with the current audio? People with hearing problems need CC on TV, and the CC in Funimation is suppost to work the same way it does on a TV.

  • @Spaceshotx7 which episodes? They always ask for examples.

  • @Shirobane one of the example is episode 10 of We Without Wings. When you turn on CC, the Closed Captioning is not in sync, and displaying the right words and sound effects at the same time.

  • I gave this example in a different thread. It seems relevant here too.

    These new caption options do not translate all the Japanese text on screen. This example is from the first episode of Danganronpa 3 Future Arc:
    This is from the same episode with the previous subtitles:
    Arguably not every instance of Japanese text needs to be translated, but if it's important to the understanding of a character and/or scene--and in Danganronpa, they are--then it's something that should be addressed.

  • Here is one: One Piece's episode 391, the Dub has subtitles even though it's meant for Japanese dub viewing, what's worse is that it is for a different episode and it is on even if the CC option is disabled

  • Funimation needs to go check all videos on this website to see if the Closed Captioning is working on the episodes, or if there is any? If not, they need to fox them.

    This is for the hearing impaired who watch the episodes.

  • @JoshM5 Please send in a ticket to and let the tech team know about it. You can also contact them @FunimationHep on Twitter and you might get a faster response that way.

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