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  • So was thinking, maybe a good idea for the new website would be a more transparent way to know if bugs/features/suggestions are being worked on? It could theoretically help both sides. I was thinking something like githubs Issues take for repos. People are able to post their issues onto there, and have a conversation with the devs/mods/etc about the issue. Then you could better keep track of what is still an issue, what isn't going to be added as a feature, etc and update the status of each posted issue as such. Could help to organize things better?

  • We actually do keep a list of reported issues and features. It's over in Funimation Help. it's just up to me to keep it updated, and I haven't made one for the new site yet since it launched. I've been busy working on update requirements.

    We could try allowing users to report bugs, but how do we keep people from piggybacking on issues? It used to happen all the time back when we had a tech support forum, and it was a real mess. I would love any suggestion on how to manage it, though, because I have really been considering add it back.

  • @Sophie maybe something like how polls work on fb. People can vote if they have the same issues or add one to the poll. And remove what gets fixed

  • If I was wishing, then a public bug tracker where you can see currently reported bugs and suggestions and any progress thereof, add further examples and submit and monitor new requests. Of the handful of contact forms I've submitted here I've had one response, and since it was fairly generic and my original report wasn't quoted I don't even know which one it was.
    One of the departments where I work uses Mojo Helpdesk, ANN once had one that I think ran Traq and back during the closed beta for Anime on Demand, Viz Media Europe were using Redmine.

  • More like a "FUNimation Status Page." It can a "Read-Only" list of things like Bugs (# open - # closed), Server Status, Service Status, etc. which could include forum, streaming, shop, payment, etc. system statuses and an ETR (Estimate Time of Repair). A customer could quickly figure out what is happening by clicking of a button/link on the Support page.

    A "Notification Push" to the website and all apps of service interruption and ETR would be a great addition.

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