What HAPPEN to Zoids???

  • I mean we need Gudam anime pot up on Toonami here and there. But what on EARTH HAPPEN to Zoids!? It just like is not around any more. I Love Zoids CC the best but also love Zoids Century Zero too. It just seen like that gave up on it. Is the series even still in print? Like Dub it in English back in the day do that even still own it? Or what happen to the rights to it? Is some going to pick it up? Like WTF happen? It just seen like no talks about it anymore. And there like never any news about it anymore? does anyone have any info?

  • @gohan6425 I don't even know what ZOIDS are. Mecha tigers?

  • @gohan6425 I believe that Viz had/has the license to them but the last series (Genesis) was in 2007. I also liked it and was disappointed to find out that they just kinda fell off the earth. I think its because of how similar to gundam they are (at least that's what I read anyway) that they just never caught on. I liked mecha animilian gundams but it just never took.

  • @darthrutsula163 But Zoids is better then Gudam though... Also what was Genesis? Did Viz dub then back in the day? I know censer thing back then...

  • @Zethus Go watch some! It VERY GOOD! It kind of like Gudam but WAYYYY better. There some ep. on YouTube I can't link then b/c Spacemanhardy will get on my ass about it. -_-

    Here some info on it on wiki https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zoids

    The 2 big show where Zoids: New Century Zero and Zoids: Chaotic Century.

    Zoids: Chaotic Century I think is the best. Zoids: Chaotic Century it take place before New Century Zero how ever. Zoids: New Century Zero air on TV 1st before Zoids: Chaotic Century did air on TV in American. So it up to you how you wanted to watch then. There REALLY hard to find on DVD and are VERY prices on ebay last I check...

  • @gohan6425 said in What HAPPEN to Zoids???:

    @darthrutsula163 But Zoids is better then Gudam though... Also what was Genesis? Did Viz dub then back in the day? I know censer thing back then...

    Your opinion aside, iirc there were only 4 zoids serieses: Chaotic Century, Century Zero, Fuzors, and Genesis. It was about half way through Fuzors that they stopped bothering. Genesis WAS licensed by viz but they backed out. That is essentially the end of Zoids in America. I do believe the model kits are still made in Japan though (which is where Zoids started anyway).

    Chaotic Century was a nice watch but I got bored with it and it fell into the "I forgot I was watching it" pit. Century Zero I liked because of the Fury with his lovely Charged Particle Cannon. I didn't get far into Fuzors, but it was dumb anyway.

  • @darthrutsula163 What was Fuzors and Genesis? I don't remember then airing on Toonami? Where that dub? I made wanted to watch them. How was Chaotic Century boring to you??? It was the best show dude... It was an adventure and had alot of thing going on. Zero was good but it was more of a contact anime to see who was the best team. Where Chaotic was more of a build show for something. So no one has a licensed for it? I really wanted Zoids to come back in print. Someone really should pick it up. It got really good rating back in the day...

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