Fairy Tail Plot Hole from Season 3 Ending. Spoiler

  • Though I will said I really like Season 3 with how we found where Happy came from an all and seeing Different Version of everyone was very cool. Lucy I though was the best... But the ending really piss me how can Lisanna Strauss be alive!? This crap make no sense. And the reasoning for he being alive is BS. Don't even get me that. When Lisanna "claimed" when she was about to die she was pull to the other world b/c there Lisanna Edolas one had in fact die. But to stop the real Lisanna from dieing she was somehow PULL to Lisanna!? Sorry but that make no F'IN sense. And a totally contradicts to what we where told in season 1. All I can said this was some BS way to bring her back like that. There where way better way to bring here back then this crap. Also should her older sister not go back to way she now? Since she only change to be nice b/c he sister die. Though she somehow really did not... :/ She just better stay away from Natsu. As Natsu and Lucy are clearly the thing... #NaLuFTW

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