• Heya Folks!

    I've been a constant subscriber to the streaming service since October 2013 using Paypal. Well, Saturday I got a message from Paypal that Funimation cancelled my subscription and I'm baffled as to why. I went to my account here and oddly there is no form of payment on there now and I can't even select Paypal as an option. Did they ninja stop supporting Paypal? Has anyone else had this issue?

    FYI before I get flamed, I put in a support ticket FIVE days ago. The ticket submission says they usually respond in 1-2 days, but it may be as much as 3-4. Now that it's been five, I thought I would try my luck here and see if anyone has an answer. Thanks for any help!

  • Let me move this to the Funimation General forum where I think you'll get more people to see it.

    Also, it you're on Twitter, I'd recommend sending them a message @FunimationHelp. You might get a quicker response that way.

  • I am having the same problem, except I unsubscribed for a few days until I got the funds, and was going to start it back up today, but it is doing the same thing with the PayPal to me.

  • @SpacemanHardy Thank you for moving it! I tried to post it in General, but it kept giving me some message of "category does not exist."

  • Can't give you an answer but I can add my voice to the list of those a bit lost and confused with this issue.

  • ya similar problem except that it is not saving my credit card info. i wonder if its just a bug on there side or if its site wide.

  • Same issue, woke up to an email that Funimation canceled my paypal sub after 3 years, can't restart it whatsoever.

  • Any updates? This just happened to me yesterday.

    I assumed it was because my debit card expires in February. I just got my new card in the mail and activated it. I decided to go ahead and update my payment info on here, and I realized the PayPal option is gone.

    I've entered my updated payment info, but it has me marked as PayPal even though I don't even have the option to choose that. It's just not even there.

  • me too, got my notice Saturday i also pay automatically with paypal.
    contacted support and nothing.

  • For the others dealing with this issue, I just got an official reply yesterday that they are looking into it. No answers, but here's the email:

    "Thank you for contacting Funimation Support.
    We’re currently researching what happened to your subscription and we hope to have an answer for you shortly.
    We appreciate your patience.

    Thank you!
    Funimation Support"

  • Same issue. I've been waiting for a reply for over 3 weeks now, and nothing. It's very irritating.

  • Well it looks like funimation is about to loss a lot of business then simply from customers as well as myself being unable to pay for subscriptions. What on earth is going on here? and why has support been so mute on the issue?

  • I got the same problem, and well I changed my payment to my card but now that I think about it I hope is not an scam cuz if so I'm screwed...

    EDIT: Please do not post F-bombs on the forums. -SH

  • UPDATE #2:

    Below is the most recent reply from support. While I'm very grateful that they looked into the issue, I replied back that I'm not ok with this solution. As an early adopter of their subscription service, I was locked in at the initial price. So, if I just go resub I will be paying the new, higher monthly rate. I don't feel it's acceptable to have my price increase because of errors on the back end of their system. Also, FYI, in my reply I offered to resub with a card if they could adjust the price that way. Now, I'm anxiously waiting for the next reply! Anyway, here's their response:

    "Thank you for your patience as we looked into this issue!

    It looks as though your account was accidentally canceled by a back-end process in our systems. From the results of our investigation we believe that this should not happen again.

    Unfortunately, our teams are unable to restart a PayPal subscription once it has been canceled. To reactivate your subscription, you will need to re-subscribe. This can be done via the following page of our website: Should you encounter any issues with this process, our team is happy to help!

    We do our best to ensure that these processes do not incorrectly affect our customers’ accounts, and we are terribly sorry that your account was affected in this solitary instance. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

    Thank your cooperation.

    Sincerely, Support"

  • Same problem here, got notice from Paypal that Funi had cancelled my monthly payment on their end. Reading the updates, it looks like a glitch in billing so I will subscribe again. I prefer using Paypal for everything online, Funi if you're listening. I would buy some your merch if you took Paypal. Something to think about!

  • Not only was my paypal payment subscription cancelled, but if I go to payment methods (at least on mobile) there's no option to use PayPal at all, just credit card and gift card.

  • BTW peoples, u dont need Paypal to use this site. FUNimation has direct checkout as well u can use... I use it and no problems so far....

  • Might partly have to do with Trump being backed by Peter Thiel, the founder of paypal. I was looking into it and a lot of people and companies are dropping paypal.

  • This is the same issue I am having except with a debit card. I tried editing whatever info I can but I keep getting that stupid payment error. I believe this all started with my new debit card because I had little issue with the old one and now the site won't accept the new one at all. I am pinning my last hope on getting a gift card and if that doesn't work then I'll be forced to stop watching Funimation until the owners fix this problem. Clearly there is a LOT of bugs they need to fix now.

  • Got the same email from PayPal on 2/6/17 as well that my subscription was cancelled by Funi. I pushed a ticket in on the same day. Unable to reset the account back to PayPal as I am getting an error message now.

    Any help would be great.


  • @kraftytek

    Or not... U know FUNI is located in Texas, right? Plus the problem didn't start until new site. Simply a migration issue...

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