My queue fix ideas

  • I have 210 items in my queue as of now. 1. There's no way to fast scroll over or to pick a page to jump over to and 2. When say I'm on page 13 and remove something it jumps me all the way back to page 1 after removing a show

  • I also noticed that the queue doesn't display the correct quantity of available videos. For example, if I select English, it shouldn't show 24 videos when only 4 are available (Scrapped Princess). Additionally, if a show has 12 episodes with both Japanese and English, it shouldn't display 24 videos.

    New: When added to Queue and watching new releases, like SimulDubs, a "New" indicator for fresh episodes would be nice.

    Episode List: The old site use to have a link to launch a window with a list of episodes for a show. A progress meter per episode to show completion, episode thumbnail and a "New" indicator as well.

    Display: Allow the user to select the quantity of shows to load at a time.

    Speed: Decrease the delay of loading the show list to increase performance. The lag is killing me.

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