When will the Xbox One app get updated/fixed?

  • I've been staying
    updated on the FUNimationNow update. I saw that the new site is up and running but what is going to be done about the preexisting apps?

  • Second

    The state of the Xbox one app is just unacceptable

  • Can u guys get it to work on the in-console web browser (if u goto funimation.com)?...

  • 🍌@thegrandalliance It will work on the Xbox Ones web browser but the whole point of the app is easy access.

  • Add Apple TV app to the list. Can't even get past the log in screen.
    Also, the video on the Roku app is totally messed up. What a launch.

  • @animelxlotaku

    Key point, it works. So use it as failsafe, for now.

  • Not sure if they fixed it since your post but much like everything else at Funi, I find the Xbox One app 80% functional. Yes it is super slow and you inturn must be careful moving and selecting things but once you get something playing it will generally work. Of course unless you get the random "unable to contact Funimation try again later - close" message while the show continues to play behind the message, no problem.

  • @Bloodynose that's the problem though 80% is not 100% and it was not even 100% before new rollout and we still are not even upgraded to the funimation now version of the app which I think is because of the PS4 version and their problem which I'm not angry about because I like this version of the app better than the funimation now version that's out on some platforms I just wish they actually fix its problems before dumping new ones onto it

  • I wish we actually had an Xbox One app to begin with in the UK :(

  • @Bloodynose The Xbox One app works fine except for a few problems. 1.) The error message problem that you mentioned. 2.) I can't use the app to add shows to my queue, I have to use the website to do that. 3.) This started around the launch but the video quality will jump from 1080p down to 480p a few times during an episode. Sometimes it won't happen for awhile and sometime it won't stop doing it. This is not an internet related problem either, I've already checked with my service provider.

    @thegrandalliance I still prefer the Xbox app over the console web browser but I understand your point. If the app was in worse shape I would use the console web browser to stream FUNimation. I just figured that I would bring this up in the forums because I couldn't find a thread talking about the Xbox One app.

  • i really hope it does get updated! i have had the app crash on me a ton, and it won't keep track of the episodes that i have watched even removes my shows from Q then i have to go back and re add them and remember where i left off at.

  • I just hope they fix the series with missing episodes which I have sent in a ticket to tech support but still no reply

  • Just an update 8/17/2017 it seems like they just updated the Xbox one app but it seems like it is just a new interface. Not sure if all the bugs have been fixed yet. I hope they didn't just do a face lift and called it a day. I really hope they actually listen to all the feedback from the community. Let see!

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