Episode 68 of Fairy Tail QUESTIONS! "SPOILER"

  • Ok I have some question about Episode 68 of Fairy Tail! Or and per are good "mod" Logic I putting the "SPOILER" tag in here just for you @SpacemanHardy ...

    So I just got done watching that Episode help but feel there is a plot hole in that Episode.

    How does Wendy ALL this time NOT know she was basely alone the whole time? I mean here me out here, did that not said at the begin of the mission that they had 4 ally Gills? How would the 3 others gills not have been ally with them without having known them? I know Erza Scarlet had said she never heard of gill before BUT STILL. Someone from Fairy Tail had to have some contact with Cait Shelter Gill or how would that known about to do the mission in the 1st place or know that Cait Shelter was even a REAL Gill in the 1st place? To doing this mission and to stop Nirvana. Also how does Wendy have a cat with here then??? How would the Carla the cat NOT KNOW? About the gill not being real??? It just does not add up at all... Hope someone can clear this one up for me b/c to me right now I only thing BIG PLOT HOLE... :/

  • powerful magic, and solitude. they were in a very secluded place, with no one around to discover the guild was not real, and Wendy is a little girl, so it would have been very easy to trick her with powerful spells.

    Do you remember that conference that Makarov went to? that is where he learned about the dark guild and their mission to activate Nirvana. so Erza not knowing about Cait Shelter doesn't matter

  • @Getchman But how where that able to send her? In this mission from the guild without anyone knowing? And how would have got in contact with other guilds to be allys with them???

  • Probably with the help of the magic council.

  • @Getchman ok what about the cat...

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