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  • Hi,

    I wish there was live customer support either via phone or online chat. I hate waiting days for a response. Plus the current contact form limits how much text you can enter. I want customer service to be faster and better.

  • The problems people are having with site, cannot be solved by call center. They need to fix the site, and that takes programmers not CSR.

    All they would do is give u "I'm sorry for the inconvenience" message. I assume tickets are not being answered at moment, as there is no solution at present.

    Simply have to "hold the line" for now....

  • @thegrandalliance That maybe true in this case for the web site. But I do feel that sgould have a phone number to called if you have app issues. That can be fix right away if something wrong. Nexfic has one, Hula has one, WWE Network Etc. Pretty all much stream service have one other them Funimation. Which that SHOULD HAVE like everyone else has...

  • I am still having issues with funimationnow app on my Roku every time when I'm done with the episode I press the arrow out button on my Roku it does not take me out of the episode and then I press the home button it does the same thing the video goes all the way to the end and then it freezes then I had to reboot my Roku it does this to every single episode that I see and it does not matter what show I watch is other people having the same issues as me.

  • @bigbearman I've been having the exact same problem as you for almost three months now. I've already contacted customer support about this issue. They said that they can't replicate it on their end just yet, but every user who submits a ticket with this issue helps them get one step closer to finding a solution.

    Please send in a ticket to and let them know what Roku model and firmware you're currently using. That should help them narrow down the problem.

    EDIT: If you don't mind me asking, what area of the world are you in? There is talk that this issue might be affected by region. My buddy who lives in Michigan says that his Roku app generally works fine without any major issues.

  • I'm from South Texas and I've been having the same issue as you man for three or four months

  • Why so many Roku users out there? Never heard of Amazon Fire TV? At least they don't troll ur usage data to the entire universe like Roku does; the business model thereof...

  • been sending bug reports to support team since day one of release and video of the roku box. if you guys need more room for typing just send the ticket thru your e mail then you can send pictures and videos of the problems. looking at some other forums and some people said when the first app came they had problems with it as well and in time they where fixed so hopefully all the apps and the website is fully working soon.

  • @SpacemanHardy Hello,do you know how are they trying to replicate the problems is it with the actual units or an emulated OS on windows ?

  • @michael15 That I do not know. I was only told that they were unable to replicate it on their end at the current time.

  • I have gone to Funimation contacts then I put the issue about my Roku and then I press send then I went to go check my Gmail but I did not receive nothing from Funimation then I did it again and I had the same issue again is anybody having the same issue

  • @SpacemanHardy i dont think this issue is location based. i also live in michigan and the roku app is for the most part unusable. i have the same issues on different model roku's and on other home networks besides my own. the queue does not sync and the videos pixelate.

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