Fairy Tail OVA's

  • Who thinks that Funimation should have OVA's on their site for the show? I would very enjoy seeing it. It would keep many people entertain. There are some shows that has OVA's like Black Lagoon. So why hasn't Funimation haven't gotten the Licensing for it. I know it's going to take awhile or does it have to do with the contract that Funimation and A1Pictures have that they can't show the OVA's on and/or sell it with their bundles. Can one of the Funimation Official can explain this to me as best as you can please. I know there are some fan made subs on YouTube but I would respectable would like to be able to have my money worth to see it legally and help out the Studio out. Seeing the OVA's would help a lot of my questions through out the show and all.

  • I have moved your topic to the proper forum and restored it.

  • @pliskin_1995 I think it b/c of the BS Logic that the OVA are done by the Manga Company in Japan. So you would to get the ok from them to do it not the anime company who does the whole anime series. This is what I been told why many OVA don't get pick up by the company doing the anime for the English Dub. But not sure about Fairy Tail? I new to show I only on Ep. 61 for the English Dub.

  • Thanks @SpacemanHardy I don't know why but when I start a topic on the show I selected it sends it to the one above it for some strange reason. I did the one for High School DXD and it went to Hetalia but I went to the one below it it went to High School DXD. I don't know if it has to do something with the new site or my account. But thanks for the help.

  • @pliskin_1995 I think that Funimation should actually contact the Manga Company so that the OVAs can finally be licensed.

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