Simple Question

  • Is staff going to comment at all on the apparent dislike of the new site and people wanting to revert back to what it was or are they just going to ignored? I mean the majority of people do pay to watch anime here and would like to know that the money they give to said company actually gives them a voice in how things look around here.

  • When has any site ever just completely rolled back to an old version for anything other than total instability? I'm sure it technically has happened, but it's not often. Being realistic, I'm sure what will happen is Funimation will continue to tweak the site as they go forward, but they're not going to just undo everything they spent the last half a year working on.

    That being said, I do hope they address the stream audio quality. It was significantly better before the site upgrade, and I hope it's a technical issue rather than an intentional downgrade.

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