Blu-ray release Censored or Uncensored?

  • Now that we know Valkyrie Drive Mermaid is being dubbed and released on blu-ray in April has Funimation said anything if the Blu-Ray will continue to be censored like they are on the website now? Or if we'll get the OG Japanese uncensored versions.

  • Given the're using BD/DVD quality now it's almost definitely going to be Uncensored.

  • You can safely assume the home video version unless told otherwise, assuming they even know (i.e. Sankarea, where they didn't even know until fans who got copies early compared them to fansubs - and they announced a replacement program before the discs were due to go on sale)

  • You'll get the Uncensored version until the Japan release it first in their country, then they'll give the Funimation the go head of releasing the Uncensored version. You'll have to be patient. Also the people of the show wants to make sure there aren't any mistakes in the show of the animation sides of things and that might goes with the audio as well.

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