Re-add Blog Listing Summay on Side of Page

  • Problem with new is that u have to endless scroll through stuff to get to articles. Because the admins like to sticky things at the top, it means rescrolling through everything to find new posts.

    On mobile especially, doing thus may crash site, and scrolling no longer able. Case in point, the 2 Tales of Zestiria articles. Took me 8 reloads to grind through that. So many animated images. And still hate that show, even more now...

    Anyways, either add the summary in the side, or collapse blog posts to max line size, or the blog will quickly become inconvenient/unreadable.

  • @thegrandalliance


    UPDATE: I noticed they did sum up blog posts, made them not endless scroll.

    But why is this now on very bottom of page? This used to be on top, the goto guide for new stuff. No need to endless scroll to bottom...

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