Texhnolyze I am kind of a afraid to watch it.

  • any any advice before I watch it, am what should i expect because this Review http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/review/texhnolyze/dvd-complete-series-anime-classics make Me wonder is I going to get piss off because of My frustration I don 's think is bad to be frustration be cause what is the point of watching some thing if you feel nothing but then againg a there watching School Days I am not in the fucking mood that was like one month or more ago but that how much that damage was to My sanity !

  • You should expect the most tragic anime ever made. This is dark, violent and graphically explicit. Also some sexually explicit stuff, though not really on-screen.

    You should expect a main character who doesn't speak much. He is there, and he is plot-significant, but scenes with him are more about the characters he's with than him, if that makes sense. The first episode is almost devoid of dialogue. This is one of those shows where you might be better off skipping episode one, though unlike with, say, Gungrave you will miss out on some rather important info if you skip the ep.

    The only thing that isn't a "downer" about this series is the kinda upbeat opening theme song. If you do watch this one, I highly recommend the dub over the sub. That said, I enjoyed the series.

  • well thanks I going to watch it after I finished C control or few other series firsts I going to but you know not in the mood right now so thanks again, am about the most tragic anime ever ! you may change your mind if you watch casshern sin, a good night.

  • I think this is more tragic than Casshern Sins

  • I say maybe a to watch it first before I agree if is like you say then I going back here to say it that you are right.

  • do you know any then about C control season 2 any then a all, because they left like that that freaking suggestive a season 2 you know what do you think ?

  • The most i can see them doing with C-control is an alternate story where someone else is chosen to be part of the system and not kimimaro. if they do a spin-off from the original that would be awesome.

  • A season 2 of C should also explain what Ladd Russo did to Krilin :)

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