Dragonball Z Music Comparison Bruce Faulconer vs. Shunsuke Kikuchi Goku Sacrifice!

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R86WR__8Cqw "Dragonball Z Music Comparison Bruce Faulconer vs. Shunsuke Kikuchi Goku Sacrifice!"

    This Dragonball Z Music Comparison Side By Side Bruce Faulconer vs. Shunsuke Kikuchi Goku Sacrifice!

    Warning this is NOT about what Dub is better this about what Music is better! So please don't comment about the dub this is about the music...

    This is to PROVE why Bruce was better! It a side by side video to show both version...

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  • @thegrandalliance watch this... there are 2 other I posted. I plan on doing more in the future...

  • @classyspartan and? basic on what?

  • @classyspartan

    I was wondering where that was going. it was worth it. pretty funny

  • @Getchman Going where????

  • @gohan6425 said in Dragonball Z Music Comparison Bruce Faulconer vs. Shunsuke Kikuchi Goku Sacrifice!:

    @Getchman Going where????

    the point of the the clip. i haven't seen that episode of Family Guy, so i didn't know what Classyspartan was trying to say.

  • @Getchman ok...

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    Now In GIF form

  • I'll make this quick. I like Faulconer tracks, at least a couple of them, specifically Perfect Cell, Vegeta's and the SS3 themes, but I feel that Faulconer for modern DBZ doesn't work for modern day dubbing standards. That's my opinion.

    Also, I'll make a pitch and say that this should probably belong in the DBZ section of the forums too.

  • Falconer music is what I grew up with.

  • @classyspartan How does it not fit? It fit perfect with what going on in the show. Also ever track he did I though was EPIC. Modern DBZ? DBZ was made in the late 80's and dub in the late 90's and early 2000's. The Sprit Bomb Buld up Song. SS1 Goku was also epic. So many great theme I can't even name then all... I though this was the DBZ section?

  • @Zethus SAME HERE :) It is STILL epic to this day.

  • @gohan6425 from the eyes and ears of a 4 year old, it was cool.

  • @Zethus Uh no. People still love it to this day bro. It EPICNESS for all ages...

  • @gohan6425 My mistake. I didn't see it was in the Dragon Ball section. I'm still trying to get the hang of the new site myself.

  • @classyspartan same here...

  • @gohan6425 I didn't know it was anime nor did I knew what anime was.

  • @Zethus And? that does not change how GREAT the songs made the anime... I alway ask people this as a kid WOULD you have watch DBZ had that used the Japan Music still? When anime was not even known that much to people back then as kids? There a reason WHY Funimation back then used replace song back then. That wanted kids to be draw to the show. This is also why Funimation told Bruce to alway have music playing at ALL times to keep people into the show... Yes this was NOT a Bruce called this was what Funimation called, Funimation TOLD HIM to do! This is one of the thing People hate Bruce for was that music was playing at all times but the fact of the madder is that was Funimation. And yet Funimation try to hide the work that ASK Bruce to do b/c that have to much of ego to hide the true from people... Bruce job was to keep you from being board of the show with no music there. So with music alway there and making epic theme to make great sense REALLY epic is what that did... This is why DBZ number keep going up though it whole run on TV. It never lost rating. Even great animes like Naruto could not last that long for rating... DBZ was able to b/c of Bruce's Music. Was there guys before bruce came around yes for the 1st 2 season dub by Ocean but though rating where good when Bruce took over it took it to new high. Bruce songs DBZ won 3 straight award from 2001-2003. B/c of how OVER his music was at the time. It a shame the lawsuit when down the way it did with Bruce and Funimation but it still does not change HOW GREAT the music was and the impart it had on the series.

  • I actually kind of like the Japanese background song more (in your comparison) it feels like it conveys the direness of the situation they are in. The american version feels more like its meant to be for a jrpg where you're exploring and don't know what to expect. A sense of mystery. But given the context I am obviously seeing that just doesn't fit.

    And also given what I know about the DBZ series (which isn't much) the japanese version feels more appropriate for its time. The american one sounded something more in line with what i'd hear from an anime made in 2000-2005.

    But its all interpretive. I don't like DBZ because it is pretty much the staple of a generic shounen action show in my eyes with not the greatest of theme(s). And the story (which again I am not familiar with DBZ so I may be wrong here) sounds like it just keeps getting added on with prior events (aside from anything Freezer related) not even being relevant. Nothing about the past coming back to haunt them type of thing.

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