The Dub that Never Will Be Released: Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal Bang Zoom Dub

  • "Kristi Reed Panel at Armageddon"

    So I found about this video from a YouTube User called "Yugioh Everything" at this video here. However in the his video he stated it was being done by Funimation which was false info the Dub was being made but by a LA Dub Company called "Bang Zoom" there the ones currently making the OTHER English Dub for Dragonball Super for the Asian Market ONLY.

    Anyway this dub was being produced in hopes to get on air before the 4Kids version, during when the lawsuit had occurred. I know 4Kids put in a motion to the courts to alot then to dub Zexal until the lawsuit was over with.

    So basically some notes basic on what Kristi Reed said in the video, don't know if it true or not just going on what she said:

    • Episodes were produced over the course of 6-8 months.
    • Japan Company gave complete trust in the studio to produce this dub, allowing them to do whatever they wanted.
    • 26 episodes had been produced, with 27 and 28 in the process of being done when the project got canceled.
    • Johnny Yong Bosch, Vic Mignogna, Richard Cansino as Bronk, Cassandra Morris, Sam Riegel, and Liam O’Brien were involved. And I guess Johnny Yong Bosch was going to sing the theme song? She only said "Johnny" but I betting on that she was talking about Johnny Yong Bosch.
    • Producers of the dub were given the original animation files to work with, in order to make edits and redo animation. WHICH IS RARE FOR AN ENGLISH DUB!

    I do question such things as the "300 episode arc" and "trying to get it on tv before 4Kids", given the latter 4Kids still had the legal rights to the series during the time of the lawsuit. But I just noting the thing she said...

    Pro: I only watch a few Zexel episode b/c I did not like this show the same with 5DS was not big on the show. But it seen like there going to have a good cast. And there where going to have there own English song still in it with an English theme song. I also would like to know how that would handled censor cards for the real life card game since there are ALOT of then change for the real life card game outside of Japan.

    Cons: As I state here before I LOVE the 4Kids CAST of Yu-Gi-Oh and I glad there doing the dub still I just started playing duel link and that used the English voice actor something OTHER animes don't do that just give us damn subtitles I WANTED ENGLISH DUBS! That also have a movie coming soon with the old cast which I soooo happy for. So it suck that alot of hard work when to waste which by the way dubs are not cheap! And since that made a whole season that's ALOT of waste of money down the drain! But I really thing that should have not jump the gun on this. It seen the Japan Company that suit 4Kids though that where sure that would win. Without not even thing the fact that could lose, which is a BAD move for any court case, a courts case can GO ANYWAY. And that prove of 4Kids winning. Which is now 4KMedia own by Konami who do the real life card games.

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