Dragonball Super: Episode 2 Review English Dub! My Video

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LBIiNZIynbQ

    Very good episode, but a few plot holes...


  • Okay I just want to throw this out there. Rather than making a new thread that essentially tells us all you made a review of the latest DBS episode, could you not just add on to just one? I get that I'm not a mod and all but I just want to voice this sentiment. Like just title it: "My review of DBS by episode in video!" and post a reply every (week i'm assuming you'll be doing these by).

    It would make it easier to keep track of it all too, wouldn't you agree?

  • @darthrutsula163 I post a review every week on youtube bro. The forums just came back up so that why I 3 week of of posting it here so I need to make it up...

  • @gohan6425 To clarify:

    He's proposing you essentially have a MASTER THREAD of sorts.

    A Single Thread Topic Dedicated to your DB Super reviews, and you update the thread itself everytime you make and update a new review, instead of making an individual thread for each new review. Not a bad idea if you want to organize them all in one place.

  • @classyspartan I rather just post it every week...

  • @gohan6425 No I am saying that rather than making a new thread for each video, why not just make one larger one? I am not really bothered by your self-advertising but it does however clutter it up seeing 3 threads for 3 different videos that are all reviewing a different episode to the same series.

    It'd be different if you just did one larger review for different serieses (though I'd still advocate an all encompassing review thread).

    @classyspartan I think is explaining it better than I am able to.

    I'm just saying that its better to be neat and orderly than just clutter everything. Because how am I supposed to reference previous reviews when I have to go looking for it when you could just have it all in one place?

  • @darthrutsula163 there are 3 threads for 3 episode review which is what I did...

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